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Buying Wine from Vinello -
Your online Wine Merchant in Dresden with over 6.000 Fine Wines

For the ancient Greeks, wine was the nectar of the gods. It stood for both the joy of life and the pleasure of the senses. At VINELLO, our motto proves that wine is naturally not only reserved for the gods: ‘Wine for everyone!’ And we take that very seriously: You are guaranteed to find the right wine for every occasion in our broad and diverse selection of fine wines and spirits – not least thanks to the detailed and informative wine expertise about every single product.
As an ambitioned wine merchant, we want to make wine uncomplicated and accessible for everyone. Whether you buy wine online or at our wine shop in Dresden, VINELLO makes it easy for you to delve into the pleasures of the world of wine. In addition to wines from Europe like Italian wine, Spanish wine or French wine, our online wine shop also offers you an excellent selection of international wines, e.g. Australian wine, Argentinian wine, Chilean wine and even South African red wines. Simply take your time to browse through our online wine shop. We are also proud to offer you a cork guarantee and a 28-day money-back guarantee when you buy wine from VINELLO.

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Ordering Wine from Our Online Wine Shop

Ordering wine online from Vinello is easy. Buying wine online is especially uncomplicated for those who know which wines and which wineries they prefer. But for everyone else, our online wine shop offers you a wide variety of filters and categories to make shopping for wine online a simple and enjoyable experience. Filter according to wine colour, country, grape variety, aromas, notes and/ or foodpairing when you shop for wine or fine spirits at Vinello. We also offer you perfectly compiled sampler packages to give online wine buyers an excellent introduction to the world of wine. We make online wine shopping as easy and fun as it should be.

Wine Delivery – Our Guarantees for Your Wine Purchase

Anyone who buys wine online has lots of questions, especially when it comes to delivery. How is the wine packed? How will the bottles be shipped? When can I expect delivery? Do you offer express delivery services?

At VINELLO, all of our wines are packed only in certified PTZ (postal service certified) boxes, which are approved by DHL and UPS for wine delivery and protect the bottles from breakage. All wine deliveries are assigned a tracking code, which you can use to follow the status of your wine order. Naturally, we also offer you express wine delivery with UPS when your wine order has to reach you as fast as possible.

Wine Trivia

Wine offers more diversity than any other beverage, which in turn leads to a lot of questions:  At which temperature should you drink wine? What do the quality categories for wine mean? How long does wine keep? As a general – though certainly not static – rule, red wines are served with red meats and white wines with light dishes. You will find detailed drinking recommendations in the various categories such as Sparkling Wine, Dessert Wine, Port Wine or Madeira. There is a large variety of quality categories as well. In Spain you will come across Crianzas or Riservas, in Germany QbA, Kabinett, Spätlese, etc.

And even the shelf life of an open bottle of wine is important. Well cooled, an open wine can be enjoyed for 3 – 5 days. Spirits or fortified wines, on the other hand, such as Grappa, Sherry, Tequila, etc. keep for many years.

Buying Wine on Invoice

Buying wine on invoice is likely the simplest was to buy wine online. With Vinello, you can order easily on invoice through our partner Billpay. You pay the invoice for your wine conveniently after it has been delivered. In addition to purchasing wine on invoice, our online wine shop also offers you 14 further payment methods, e.g. Sofortüberweisung, PayPal, credit cards and even Amazon Payments or in cash for pick-up orders. We have made sure that there is a payment method for everyone so that your wine reaches you as fast as possible.