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Peach, Green apple, Gooseberry, Blackberry, Sour cherry, black currant, Lemon, Pear, toasted wood and Mint / Lemon balm
  • We celebrate the German unity with this versatile tasting package
  • An ideal gift for customers and friends
  • The wide range of great German wines in one package

6er Tasting Package - German Unity: The Best Wines from East and West

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6er Tasting Package - German Unity: The Best Wines from East and West
Personal <br />consultation!
Personal <br />consultation!
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German wines from East and West Germany are like a living history book that comes to life on our tables. Each sip reflects the history, culture and dedication of the people who cultivate these wines with love and care. The reasons to drink these wines are numerous and profound.

Let's start with the wines from the East of Germany, a region that has made amazing progress after decades of separation and change. These wines are like a symbol of the country's reunification and an unwavering determination to create a prosperous future from the ashes of the past. The soils rooted in the vineyards of the East have a rich history, and you can feel that history in every glass. Here, grape varieties like Müller-Thurgau, Pinot Gris and Pinot Blanc are lovingly nurtured and crafted into wines of amazing depth and complexity. When you taste a wine from eastern Germany, you experience not only remarkable flavor, but also the history and heritage of a region that is redefining itself.

But winegrowers in western Germany also have a long tradition of viticulture and winemaking. The regions along the Rhine and Moselle rivers are famous for their steep vineyards that are tended by hand and produce world-class wines. Here you will find the noblest grape varieties such as Riesling, Pinot Noir and Silvaner, vinified with elegance and precision. When enjoying these wines, you can taste the passion of the winemakers and the love for tradition. The landscapes surrounding the vines are breathtaking and give the wines a special magic.

But why drink German wines from East and West? Because they offer a journey through the history, culture and extraordinary diversity of Germany. They are an invitation to get to know the country and its people in a unique way. These wines are not just drinks; they are stories, they are works of art, they are the essence of a country that is proud of its wine tradition.

In a glass of German wine you will find the warmth of the people who harvested the grapes, the care of the winemakers who turned them into wine, and the soul of a country that has merged from East to West. So raise your glass, taste these wonderful wines and be enchanted by their magic. You will not only enjoy wines, but also discover the history and passion that make them so unique. Cheers to German wines from East and West Germany!

Experience 6-fold history in a glass at an affordable package price with our tasting package.

Contents of the package 6er Tasting Package - German Unity: The Best Wines from East and West:

1x Cuvée Clemens trocken - Schloss Proschwitz
12 Alcohol % ABV
Bottle size in l: 0.75
1x Bacchus trocken - Winzervereinigung Freyburg-Unstrut
12 Alcohol % ABV
Bottle size in l: 0.75
1x Punktlandung Grauer Burgunder trocken - Lorenz & Söhne
12,5 Alcohol % ABV
Bottle size in l: 0.75
1x Saigner Rosé trocken - Markus Schneider
12,5 Alcohol % ABV
Bottle size in l: 0.75
1x Markgräflerland Spätburgunder - Martin Waßmer
13.5 Alcohol % ABV
Bottle size in l: 0.75
1x Nashorn Lemberger trocken - Aldinger
13 Alcohol % ABV
Bottle size in l: 0.75


Product type:
Tasting package
Type of Wine:
Red wine , White wine , Rosé Wines
Wine Color:
Red , Rosé , White
Occasion and theme:
gift for good friends , typical national evening
Number of bottles:
Peach , Green apple , Gooseberry , toasted wood , Blackberry , Sour cherry , black currant , Lemon , Mint / Lemon balm , Pear
Old World
Suitable wine glas:
White wine glass , Red wine glass
Bottle size in l:
Alcohol % ABV:
12 - 13,5
Allergens and ingredients:
Contains Sulphites and Sulphur Dioxide
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