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Abtei Muri-Gries

Abtei Muri Gries

The Muri-Gries Monastery Winery

The wines from Muri-Gries have been stored within the walls of the former home of the Augustinian Canons Regular since 1788, when they moved from the old gothic monastery to the newly erected Baroque church. Amidst the monastery surroundings tradition is put into practice. For hundreds of years, everything at Muri-Gries has revolved around wine. Modern winemaking technology has melded harmoniously with the ancient structure. The fermentation cellar and stainless steel tanks for bulk maturation are located in the old collegiate church.

The large wooden casks and barriques are stored in the old cellar of the 13th Century castle. Gentle processing, traditional production methods combined with modern vinification technology - but with the intentional abdication of many of its finesses – are only a few of the basic winemaking principles atMuri-Gries.

Christian Werth, an oenologist with heart and soul, has been at the monastery winery since 1988. For him, his work is also his passion. The monastic community is open to his dedicated path between tradition and innovation. „Each vintage is a great, new challenge for me“, Christian Werth says happily. „For an oenologist, the best and most exciting part of the year is always the first tasting of the new, young wine. It is so fascinating that nature brings forth new qualities and surprises each year.“

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