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Alie Rosé 3,0 l Doppelmagnum - Frescobaldi
Honeydew melon, Sour cherry, Grapefruit and mineral
  • Dieser erstklassige Roséwein harmoniert perfekt mit Spaghetti mit Joghurt-Minz-Pesto oder Gemüsesalat mit roter Beete
  • Seine Herkunft aus der Toskana macht diesen Wein zu einem typischen Vertreter der Weine aus einem Warmklima-Anbaugebiet
  • Ein balancierter Roséwein, erstklassig zur Brotzeit oder zur Party

Alie Rosé 3,0 l Doppelmagnum - Frescobaldi

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Alie Rosé 3,0 l Doppelmagnum - Frescobaldi
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More information about Alie Rosé 3,0 l Doppelmagnum - Frescobaldi

The Alie Rosé 3 l double magnum from Frescobaldi in Tuscany reveals a brilliant, light yellow color when swirled in the glass. If you give it a little air by swirling, this rosé wine is characterized by a fascinating lightness that makes it dance nimbly in the glass. In the glass, this rosé wine from Frescobaldi offers aromas of guava, physalis, kumquats, pomelo and lemongrass, complemented by forest floor and sun-warmed rocks. This dry rosé wine from Frescobaldi is for purists who like it absolutely dry. The Alie Rosé 3 l double magnum comes very close to this, as it was vinified with just 2.4 grams of residual sugar. On the palate, this light-footed rosé wine is characterized by an incredibly light texture. Thanks to the balanced fruit acidity, the Alie Rosé 3 l double magnum flatters the palate with a pleasing sensation without lacking in juicy liveliness. The finish of this youthful rosé wine from the wine-growing region of Tuscany, more precisely from Geisenheim, ultimately delights with a remarkable aftertaste.

Vinification of the Alie Rosé 3 l double magnum from Frescobaldi

The starting point for the first-class and wonderfully elegant Alie Rosé 3 l double magnum cuvée from Frescobaldi is Syrah and Vermentino grapes. The Alie Rosé 3 l double magnum is an Old World wine in the best sense of the word, as this Italian wine exudes an extraordinary European charm that clearly underlines the success of wines from the Old World. The fact that the Syrah and Vermentino grapes thrive under the influence of a warm climate also has an undeniable influence on the ripening of the grapes. Among other things, this results in particularly well-ripened grapes and a rather high alcohol content in the wine. After being harvested by hand, the grapes are transported to the winery as quickly as possible. Here they are selected and carefully broken up. This is followed by fermentation in stainless steel tanks and bottle fermentation at controlled temperatures. Fermentation is followed by maturation on the fine lees for several months before the wine is finally bottled.

Recommendation for the Alie Rosé 3 l double magnum from Frescobaldi

This Italian rosé wine is best enjoyed well chilled at 8 - 10°C. It is perfect as an accompaniment to wok vegetables with fish, cabbage roulades or vegetable stew with pesto.

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    Product type:
    Type of Wine:
    Rosé Wines
    Wine Color:
    Occasion and theme:
    Apéritif , Snack , party , summer-wine
    Wine acidity in g/l:
    Residual sugar (approx.) in g/l:
    Cultivation area:
    Tuscany (IT)
    Varietal blend
    stainless steel tank , bottle fermentation
    Finishing details:
    stainless steel tank , bottle fermentation
    Maturation time in mon.:
    Quality Classification & Rating:
    IGT Indicazione Geografica Tipica
    Honeydew melon , Sour cherry , Grapefruit , mineral
    Mouthfeel/ Texture:
    Reverberation / Finish:
    Old World , Warm Climate Winegrowing Region , youthful
    Optimal serving temperature in °C:
    8 - 10
    Food Pairing:
    Light dishes , bright, hearty dishes
    Suitable wine glas:
    White wine glass
    Bottle size in l:
    3,0 double magnum / jeroboam
    Bottle Design & Features:
    Burgundy Style , modern
    storage capacity in years from the vintage year:
    Alcohol % ABV:
    Allergens and ingredients:
    Contains Sulphites and Sulphur Dioxide
    Marchesi de Frescobaldi - Via Santo Spirito 11 - 50125 Firenze - Italia
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