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Tinta Rosé - Allesverloren Estate Tinta Rosé - Allesverloren Estate
Rosé Wines dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Swartland (ZA)
Fine Old Vintage - Allesverloren Fine Old Vintage - Allesverloren
Fortified Wine sweet South Africa Coastal Region (ZA)
Cabernet Sauvignon Swartland - Allesverloren Estate Cabernet Sauvignon Swartland - Allesverloren Estate
Red wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Swartland (ZA)
Chenin Blanc - Allesverloren Estate Chenin Blanc - Allesverloren Estate
White wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Swartland (ZA)
Tinta Barocca - Allesverloren Estate Tinta Barocca - Allesverloren Estate
Red wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Swartland (ZA)
Shiraz - Allesverloren Estate Shiraz - Allesverloren Estate
Red wine dry South Africa Coastal Region (ZA) Swartland (ZA)

The Allesverloren Winery is located in the midwest of South Africa. 

The Winery Allesverloren in Swartland

Allesverloren Winery - The Jewel of Swartland in South Africa

Swartland (the "Black Land") is located about 100 km north-west of Cape Town and was first explored by a cartographer of the then governor of the Cape Colony at the end of the 17th century. In the heart of the Swartland community lies the oldest vineyard in the region. Allesverloren bears its name from the beginning of the colonization of this region. The former owners returned from an arduous journey through impassable terrain from the next larger community of Stellenbosch and found their new home burnt down - all was lost.

The Malan winemaking family

Nothing is lost at Allesverloren

The first wine from Swartland was made as early as 1806 - 140 years later the winery passed into the hands of the Malan family, who still hold the reins of winemaking in their hands. Danie Malan, winemaker in the fifth generation on the estate Allesverloren, presses the finest South African wine in the shadow of the mighty Kasteelberg in the picturesque Riebeek Valley.

The grape harvest in the Allesverloren vineyards

The vines - the soil - the climate

On 227 hectares, the various grape varieties are cultivated with a high extract content and vinified with the greatest care, such as

  • Chenin Blanc
  • Tinta Barocca
  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Shiraz
  • Touriga Nacional

The vineyards range from 170 m to 350 m above sea level. Due to the cold, wet winters and warm, dry summers, the grapes can ripen very well and gain a high sugar value. Thanks to the westerly winds and the cool summer afternoons, the vines are refreshed throughout the day. The soil in Swartland is characterized by slate and weathered sandstone - the roots of the vines can reach deep.

The climate, the soil, the knowledge and the experience of the team and the passion of Allesverloren allow them to create authentic, terroir-specific and unforgettable wines year after year.

More information about Allesverloren Estate

Company Name:Allesverloren Wine Estate
City:7306 Riebeek West, Malmesbury
Country:South Africa
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:+27 22 4612320
Fax:+27 22 461 2444
Year of Incorporation:1704
Company Owner:Danie Malan
Oenologist:Wilhelm de Vries
Cellarmaster:Danie Malan
Vineyard Area:160 ha
Cultivated Area:Riebeek Valley, Swartland
Cultivated Vineyards:Riebeekberg
Agricultural Methods, Cultivation:Conventional
Vine training method:Wire Frame Education and Bush Vines