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    Everyone working at Andeluna Cellars knows that wine is only as good as the quality of the grapes it is made from, and that the winemaking process is similarly important. That´s why painstaking attention to detail is applied at every single step along the creation process of the Andeluna wines.

    All Andeluna wines are made from premium grapes grown in small vineyards at various elevations on the Andeluna Estate. Furthermore, other premier vineyards in the Mendoza region, all of which are selected and closely supervised by winemakers Silvio Alberto and consulting enologist Michel Rolland, contribute their very best grapes to the making of the cellar´s wines.  The wide temperature range, constant sunshine and excellent characteristics of the local soil of this area produce grapes that enable the production of wines with exceptional intensity in color, aromatic complexion and ideal structure. Mendoza has many sunny days each year, so the expectation of rain to ruin a crop is extremely low. Also, an unlimited supply of pure Andes snowmelt allows the careful controllement of a state of the art drip irrigation system. This allows the Andeluna Cellars to pick their grapes at the perfect moment - another factor that ensures the highest quality of their wines.

    From the planting of the crop through the harvesting of the grapes to the bottling of the wine - every step is attended to produce the finest of wines here.

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    City:5561 Tupungato
    Continent:South America
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    Telephone:+54 2622 42-3226
    Andeluna Cellars
    Oenologist:Michel Rolland
    Cellarmaster:Silvio Alberto
    Vineyard Area:200 Hektar