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Vikingfjord Vodka - Vikingfjord
Vikingfjord Vodka - Vikingfjord
Gammel Dansk - Arcus Gammel Dansk - Arcus
Gammel Dansk 1,0 l - Arcus Gammel Dansk 1,0 l - Arcus
Aalborg Jubiläums Akvavit - Arcus Aalborg Jubiläums Akvavit - Arcus
Opland Edel Madeira Cask Norwegian Aquavit - Opland Opland Edel Madeira Cask Norwegian Aquavit - Opland
dry Norway
Linie Aquavit Original Lysholm - Arcus Linie Aquavit Original Lysholm - Arcus
Linie Aquavit Double Cask Port - Arcus Linie Aquavit Double Cask Port - Arcus
Opland Edel Port Cask Norwegian Aquavit - Opland Opland Edel Port Cask Norwegian Aquavit - Opland
dry Norway
Linie Aquavit Double Cask Madeira - Arcus Linie Aquavit Double Cask Madeira - Arcus
dry Norway
N° 52 Botanical Aquavit - Lysholm N° 52 Botanical Aquavit - Lysholm
dry Norway
Opland Aquavit - Opland Opland Aquavit - Opland
dry Norway
Linie Akvavit Double Cask Rum - Arcus Linie Akvavit Double Cask Rum - Arcus

Arcus Group - Production of aquavit

The starting point for the production of Norwegian Aquavit is pure spirit, at least 95% of which is produced from Norwegian potatoes. The pure spirit is pumped into our distillation apparatus together with water and spices. The mixture is heated to boiling point with steam and the spirit evaporates together with aromatic substances from the spices. When this steam cools, it becomes liquid again and we call it a spice distillate. A spice distillate can be made from one or more spices.
Most of the barrels used were previously used to store oloroso sherry, but some were also used for port, Madeira or other wines.

Arcus stills

Arcus - Line Aquavit - World famous sailors

It is 1807 and the brig "Throndhiems Prøve", owned by the Lysholm family, is returning to Norway from its voyage to the East Indies. On deck the same cargo of Norwegian aquavit as when the ship sailed. Impossible to sell, said the captain. The shock came when someone opened a barrel to taste it: Elegant, balanced and tasty drops that bore little resemblance to the raw liquor that once left the port of Trondheim. Jørgen B. Lysholm must have thought about the transformation for a long time. By 1840 he had figured it out: That was when he first offered his Lysholm Linie Aquavit on the market. A fine product, matured on long journeys to the other side of the world.


Arcus - Gammel Dansk

Gammel Dansk is a Danish product. As such, Gammel Dansk has no relation to Norway other than being made on Gjelleråsen, but it has been popular with Norwegians and Swedes since the first bottle was made in Roskilde in 1964. There are several Gammel Dansk enthusiasts in both Norway and Sweden. Clubs that "sanctify" the product. Traditionally, these come to the production site and plant a rowan tree. Gammel Dansks friends from Malmö were at Gjelleråsen in mid-September 2016 to plant the first rowan tree at Gjelleråsen.

Arcus - Aalborg

In 1846 Isidor Henius opened his new factory in Urbansgade in Aalborg, where the monument Cimbertyren stands today. Born in Poland, Isidor Henius is considered the founder of modern spirits production in Denmark. He started as a 25-year-old privileged Aalborg syrup and spirits factory, which became the largest distillery in the country. Henius later founded De Danske Spritfabrikker together with CA Olesen and CF Tietgen. 1863 Harald Jensen launches Taffel Aquavit and Export Aquavit. 1981 De Danske Spritfabrikker celebrates its anniversary by launching a special 100-year-old aquavit. It becomes so popular that it later becomes Christmas Akvavit, which has been on the market since December 1982.

Henius factory in Urbansgade in Aalborg


Vikingfjord Vodka contains only Norwegian ingredients. This applies to everything from the potatoes that grow on the shores of Lake Mjøsa to the crystal clear glacier water of Folgefonna. What's more, Vikingfjord Vodka is distilled in a five-pillar process to bring out its unique purity. The finish is clean and balanced. Vikingfjord Vodka has won a number of awards at international spirits competitions. At the International Spirits Challenge in London, Vikingfjord Vodka was awarded a gold medal for its product quality and taste in 2014 and 2015.


More information about Arcus

Company Name:Arcus ASA
Street:Distilleries 11
City:1481 Skytta
Contact & Web
Telephone:+47 6706 5000
Year of Incorporation:1996
Company Group:Arcus ASA Groups
Managing Director:Kenneth Hamnes