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    Wine from Argentina - indigenous to the Andes

    Wine is the highest good for some countries - in Argentina, from Salta in the north to Río Negro in the south, even in two respects. At up to 3000 metres above zero, the vineyards line the forerunners of the majestic Andes. Undreamt-of potential has been unfolding in Argentina in full splendour for the past few years. Dust dry and spicy red wines, fresh and crisp white wines, playful sparkling wines and sweet dessert wines - Argentina offers fabulous wines for all epicures. The South American country is still at the beginning of its career in the wine business and gives connoisseurs hope for a fabulous future. Argentine wines - the number one in South America, fifth place in the world in terms of quantity produced and on top in terms of red wine.

    Wine regions in Argentina

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    Wine from Argentina - getting high

    The history of viticulture in Argentina is the history of immigrants and conquerors. Beginning with the Conquistadores in the 16th century, who established viticulture for religious and moral purposes. With European immigrants, expertise and noble grape varieties, including phylloxera - which, however, do not like the local conditions at all - came into the warm climate of Argentina and transformed the mass wine into quality wine. Good for the local gauchos, who drank the wonderful drops themselves and hardly left anything for export. Thus the Argentine wine remained a great unknown for Europe and the rest of the world. To this day - we at VINELLO would like to change that. Because everyone should have tasted full-bodied Malbec red wines and fruity Torrontés white wines from Argentina. Then you quickly notice why the place for Argentine wines must be at the top.

    Argentina's taste and grape varieties

    Due to the quality offensive, Argentina's grape varieties have changed from the light red varieties Criolla grande and Cereza to noble European grape varieties. About three quarters of the vineyards are cultivated with red varieties. The most cultivated grape is undoubtedly Malbec, which received little attention in its old home Cahors. Susceptible to disease and frost, Malbec had to find a new home, which he found in the ideal climatic conditions of Argentina. Much sun, little rain and moderate temperatures at night provide Malbec with an optimal environment to create the best Malbec red wines in the world. With its intense fruit, dark colour profile and balanced acidity structure, this wine from Argentina inspires wine connoisseurs and epicures alike and is rightly at the head of the country.

    Another immigrated grape variety is Torrontés, which enables sparkling and harmonious white wines from Argentina on the incomparable heights of the Salta region. Chardonnay, Muscatel and Riesling also enjoy the homely terroir for white wines. The grape variety index for Argentine red wines is naturally led by Malbec, followed by Bonarda, Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot and Corvina, all of which fully savour the more than 300 sunny days. The wines from Argentina are accordingly expressed with lavish fruit, harmonious acid structure and a full, spicy taste.

    The wine regions of Argentina

    Argentine wine is cultivated on more than 200,000 hectares, mainly in the northeast of the country. The vineyards are often located in the immediate vicinity of the Andes, of which fresh spring water from the Andes and gravel make a considerable contribution to the character of Argentine wines. Therefore, only a relatively small part of the extensive country is suitable for the cultivation of wine. But the regions of Argentina that cultivate and cherish vineyards really have it in them.


    The Mendoza region is the largest and most important region for the production of quality Argentinean wine. With about 150,000 hectares, it accounts for almost 70% of Argentinean wines. Dry and sunny summer months with little precipitation open up perfect conditions for viticulture on the stony soil. Only hail poses a danger to the grapes, which are, however, taken care of under tensioned nets. From the town of Mendoza to the river Atuel, all available grape varieties grow between 500 and 800 metres above sea level. Mendoza will continue to play a leading role in Argentine winegrowing in the future, although the other wine-growing regions also know only one way - upwards.

    La Rioja

    Vineyards that reach up to 1200 meters, not even the namesake from Europe can offer that. In the mountain ranges of the Sierras Pampeanas, mainly white grape varieties such as Torrontés and Muscat d'Alexandrie as well as small areas with Syrah are cultivated. The region's persistent drought is counteracted with ingenious irrigation systems, so that the finest wines from the oldest growing region for Argentine wine are possible.

    San Juan

    To the south of La Rioja, the San Juan region is covered with arable land. With about 50,000 hectares, San Juan is Argentina's second largest cultivation area. In the vicinity of the rivers, the traditional grape varieties Cereza and Criolla, for the production of local wine and grape must, are still widely cultivated here. However, the best sites are reserved for Torrontés and Muscatel. The San Juan winegrowers are also not immune to the call for quality wine, so there are many attempts to cultivate noble grape varieties such as Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


    The northernmost wine growing region of Argentina is located in the Salta region, which is marked by mountain ranges. With the vineyards at an altitude of 1500 metres and above, the wines from Salta reach undreamt-of heights. On sandy and deep soils, predominantly white varieties such as Torrontés and Chardonnay shine and produce crisp white wines from heights up to 2700 metres - record-breaking. But fleshy red wines are also cultivated on the irrigated land. Salta is on its way to the top and is increasingly becoming a paradise for wine tourists.

    Río Negro

    The river Rio Negro is the lifeline for the orchard of Argentina. The alluvial land is suitable for both red and white grape varieties. Therefore all varieties that have rank and name can be found at the Rio Negro. Torrontés and Malbec dominate, followed by Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, which are not only used for wines but also for sparkling sparkling wines from Argentina.

    Argentine wine - a product of immigration policy

    Wine was unknown to the Incas and other indigenous peoples until in the 16th century the conquistadors placed the newly discovered land under the rule of the Spanish crown. The missionary work that took place at the same time demanded altar wine, the availability of which could not be guaranteed due to long sea voyages and organizational problems. The simple solution of localising viticulture established the first vineyards. The wine satisfied the demands of the time, but has nothing in common with the quality wines of today.

    From the 19th century onwards, a new way of thinking began. European immigrants from France, Italy and Germany brought fine noses, high-quality grape varieties and expertise with them to the vineyards of the Andes - away from mass wine towards quality wine was the maxim. In recent decades, foreign investors have made Argentine wine more and more significant and made viticulture an economic pillar of Argentina. And thanks to the current moderate drinking habits of the gauchos, from 90 to 40 litres per throat, exports increased drastically. Good for the rest of the world who are learning more and more to love the virtues of Argentine wine. The demand increases, the supply is there. The viniculture is growing year by year - the wine is already great.

    Our VINELLO recommendation

    Puro Malbec Cabernet Mendoza - Dieter Meier

    Pure in the name, pure pleasure in the bottle. The Puro Malbec Cabernet from Mendoza combines noble cherries and ripe plums in its dark red and complex body. The fully ripe grapes enjoy the cool nights with joy, so that the fruity and round structure can develop excellently. Through the organic cultivation of Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon, controlled and perfectly harmonized, the Puro by Dieter Meier presents itself as an elegant accompaniment for meaty dishes and barbecue.

    Kaiken Malbec - Kaiken

    Kaiken Malbec is an excellent way to experience the new face of Argentine winegrowing. The great experience of the Kaiken winegrowers makes it possible to discover the lightness of the terroir in a variety of ways and brings character and complexity into the bottle. The intense fruit aromas of currant, strawberry and prune are enriched by noble spices and nuances of cocoa, pepper and vanilla. Mendoza's full taste is thus in the soft body, which with its long aftertaste and fleshy tannins enhances every feast duly.

    Buy Argentinan wines cheap online

    Argentina and wine - that fits and will be inseparable in the future. Because large investments and growing expertise make the South American country a new paradise for strong red wines, fresh white wines and fruity rosé wines. Order your Argentinean wines cheaply and easily on VINELLO and benefit from our climate-neutral and insured delivery. The Argentinean temperament in liquid form from the foot of the Andes is sure to reach you. Taste the future of the wine world with the best wines from Argentina. Buy cheap and pour high quality - the highest good from Argentina on VINELLO.

    White wines from Argentina - because there is more to explore than Malbec

    Why is ordering Argentinian white wine online so popular? Because so much has been happening in the wine growing regions of Argentina over the past few years! The fifth largest wine nation in the world offers a multi-faceted and high quality selection of white wines. There is nothing left to be desired when it comes to the taste and quality of Argentinian white wines. Dry, medium dry, crisp, semi-sweet and quaffable, sweet and aromatic: You can buy Argentinian white wine online for every palate at Vinello.

    Argentinian white wine and its flavours

    This republic in southern South America was long viewed as a 'land of want'. But Argentina has always had so much to offer, not the least of which are Argentina white wines – from dry to sweet. The flavourful white wine made from the best white wine grapes in Argentina has absolutely nothing in common with the cheap mass produced wines that were still being made over 25 years ago. Argentina has placed increasing emphasis on high quality wines with great taste since the beginning of the 1990s. 

    The most well-known white wine grape in the world's fifth largest wine producing country is the Torrontés Riojano. But be careful: This white grape variety is not to be confused with the Torrontés grape from Spain, even though the term Riojano is reminiscent of the Spanish province La Rioja. It in turn however, is considered the inspiration behind the name of the Argentinian province La Rioja, after which the most important white wine varietal in Argentina is named. The approved and most important white wine grape varieties in Argentina are, among others:

    • Arneis
    • Chardonnay
    • Elbling
    • Moscato Bianco
    • Moscatel de Alejandria
    • Riesling/ Riesling renano
    • Sauvignon Blanc
    • Rieslina
    • Silvaner
    • Traminer

    Argentinian white wine and its classification

    Do you enjoy drinking the best quality Argentinian white wine? The same legal classification rules apply to both Argentinian red wines and white wines. Conscientious quality inspections are carried out, and nothing is left to chance. The classification commission keeps a watchful eye on the traditional production of Argentinian quality controlled wines. When you order a DOC wine from Argentina online from our vinotheque, we send you only top class Argentinian white wine. The DOC wines from the certified wine growing regions of Argentina meet the required quality criteria and all other compulsory characteristics.

    Argentinian white wine and its best vintages

    Do you want to buy the very best vintage wines from Argentina online? Then try a 2013 Argentinian white wine. This vintage was characterised by a cool, dry summer, which produced elegant white wines and crisp red wines. Another interesting vintage was 2011, which brought forth wonderful Sauvignon Blancs from the Argentinian wine growing region Salta, a popular dry white wine with a light golden colour comparable to the summer sun. You can order top Argentinian vintage wines online from our vinotheque – wines from the most renowned wineries in Argentina.

    White wine from Argentina: serving and foodpairing

    In a white wine glass, Argentinian white wine displays its multi-faceted aromas best. Especially in the warm season, it's important to serve it at a pleasant drinking temperature. In contrast to red wine, white wine should be served and enjoyed chilled. Depending upon the type of white wine from Argentina, we recommend a drinking temperature of between 8 °C and 14 °C. When you buy from Vinello, you will receive extensive information about every Argentinian wine, including recommendations for serving and foodpairing.