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Arrogant Frog

Arrogant Frog

The Arrogant Frog Winery – First Class Wines with a Sense of Humour

Arrogant Frog was born in the sunny hills of Languedoc, between the Mediterranean Sea and Herault. With his winery, Jean Claude Mas has done away with the prejudice that the French have no sense of humour and, at the same time, shows us where the best wines in the world come from.

The name Arrogant Frog plays upon the cliché of French arrogance and combines it with the English derogative for the French, namely ‘frogs’.
Arrogant Frog, however, embodies everything that is important to the French: good food, culture, the Nation and, of course, good wine.

Arrogant Frog – Fruit, Fruit, Fruit

Jean-Claude Mas sums up his wines with the following words: Fruit, fruit, fruit. They are definitely French, but are understood all over the world.

Weitere Informationen zu Arrogant Frog

Firmenname:L’Humble Winemaker
Straße:Château de Conas
Ort:34120 Pezenas
Region:Languedoc Roussillon, Herault
Kontakt & Web
Telefon:+33 (0)4 67 90 16 10
Fax:+33 (0)4 67 98 00 60
Firmengruppe:Les Domaines Paul Mas
Eigentümer:Jean-Claude Mas
Geschäftsführer:Jean-Claude Mas
Önologe:Jean-Claude Mas
Rebfläche:50 ha
Bebaute Regionen:Languedoc, Rousssillon, Herault, Carcassonne
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