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Azienda Agricola Cavalchina

Azienda Agricola Cavalchina

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Torre d'Orti Ripasso Valpolicella Superiore DOC 2021 - Azienda Agricola Cavalchina Torre d'Orti Ripasso Valpolicella Superiore DOC 2021 - Azienda Agricola Cavalchina
Red wine dry Italy Veneto (IT)
Bianco di Custoza DOC 2022 - Cavalchina Bianco di Custoza DOC 2022 - Cavalchina
White wine dry Italy Veneto (IT) Bianco di Custoza DOC (IT)
- Torre d' Orti Amarone della Valpolicella DOC 2020 - Azienda Agricola Cavalchina
Red wine dry Italy Veneto (IT)
- Chiaretto Bardolino DOC 2020 - Cavalchina
Rosé Wines dry Italy Veneto (IT) Bardolino DOC (IT)

Azienda Agricola Cavalchina was founded at the turn of the century when the first vineyards were purchased. It was soon followed by a cellar and a distillery, which was still in operation until 1967.

The Pionas

Cavalchina Winery - a name for top wine

The Cavalchina region has long been known as the place of origin of great wines. Probably named after Count Cavalchini, who once lived here, the Habsburgs already classified the region in the first two categories of their own classification in the 19th century. 

The Piona family, which Azienda Agricola Cavalchina, decided in the 1960's that the classification Soave, then not as high quality as today, was not enough for them and so they started to produce a Bianco di Custoza and to extend their fame beyond the region to big markets like Milan and Rome.

The soils of the Cavalchina region

Despite the hot climate, the soils of the Cavalchina region are able to maintain a basic moisture content, thus providing the vines with enough for grape growth. The yield is kept low by Azienda Agricola Cavalchina in order to produce healthy grapes with high sugar content. The harvest is done by hand in several stages. The best harvest material is used for the wines of Azienda Agricola Cavalchina, the rest is sold on the market. As a result, the annual yield fluctuates, but in this way the quality of the wines can be kept very high without too much loss.

View over the vineyards and the estate

The varied cellar of Azienda Agricola Cavalchina

The vinification methods at Azienda Agricola Cavalchina are quite varied and are adapted to the individual wine. For example, some wines rest on the yeast during ageing, for the Chiaretto only free-run must is used, while the Bardolino is pressed in the classic way and matures in steel tanks. Thanks to the individual treatment, the best can be obtained from each wine.

In addition to its own brand Azienda Agricola Cavalchina, the company now includes

  • Azienda Agricola Prendina
  • 'L Lac and
  • Torre d'Orti.

More information about Azienda Agricola Cavalchina

Company Name:Azienda Agricola Cavalchina di Piona Giulietto
Street:Via Sommacampagna, 7
City:37066 Sommacampagna (VR)
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:+39 045 516002