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Azienda Agricola Lunelli

Azienda Agricola Lunelli

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Maso Montalto Pinot Nero DOC 2019 - Lunelli Maso Montalto Pinot Nero DOC 2019 - Lunelli
Red wine dry Italy Trentino-Alto Adige (IT)
- Carapace Montefalco Sagrantino DOCG 2017 - Lunelli
Red wine dry Italy Umbria (IT)
- Lampante Montefalco Rosso Riserva DOC - Lunelli
Red wine dry Italy Umbria (IT)
- Ziggurat Montefalco Rosso DOC - Lunelli
Red wine dry Italy Umbria (IT)
Pietragrande Trentino Bianco DOC - Lunelli Pietragrande Trentino Bianco DOC - Lunelli
White wine dry Italy Trentino-Alto Adige (IT)
Villa Margon Chardonnay DOC - Lunelli Villa Margon Chardonnay DOC - Lunelli
White wine dry Italy Trentino-Alto Adige (IT)

The Tenute Lunelli are three wineries spread across Trentino, Tuscany and Umbria. The Lunelli family has made sustainability its credo, and so all the wineries are now farmed organically.

One family, three estates - Tenute Lunelli

The Lunelli family has been active in viticulture for a long time; for example, they also run the Ferrari sparkling wine house in Trento or the Segnana grappa distillery. In the 80s, the desire arose to expand its product lines, and thus Tenute Lunelli was born.

Trentino - Tenuta Margon

Tenuta Margon

Tenuta Margon in Trentin was the first, and it was here that the Lunellis gained their first experience with the production of still wines. This is also where the headquarters of the Lunelli group are to be found in Villa Margon, a 16th century building. The grape varieties chosen were

  • Pinot Noir
  • Chardonnay

The strong temperature differences at approx. 350 - 600 m above sea level at the foothills of the Alps, which characterise the terroir, give the wines a special character.

Tuscany - Tenuta Podernovo

Tenuta Podernovo

The second phase of the Tenute Lunelli began when the family felt confident enough in their knowledge to also produce typical Italian red wines. They acquired 40 hectares of vineyards in Tuscany, in the municipality of Terricciola near Pisa. This was the birth of Podernovo as part of Tenute Lunelli. 

A modern winery was added to the old farm and the cultivation of Sangiovese, Merlot and Cabernet was started. 

Umbria - Tenuta Castelbuono

The Carapace of Tenuta Castelbuono

Not long after, in 2001, the Lunellis expanded their group to Umbria, with Tenuta Castelbuono, whose vineyards are located near Bevagna and Montefalco. Only red Montefalco wines are produced on the estate, especially the Sagrantino, which is famous in the region.

The Carapace, in English "shell", which towers over the top of the vineyard, is extremely striking. The winery building was created by the artist Arnaldo Pomodoro and offers a truly unique sight with its copper-clad exterior.

Environmental responsibility at Tenute Lunelli

In the spirit of sustainability, the Lunellis have made efforts in recent years to certify their wineries according to organic farming standards. Tenuta Podernovo made a start in 2012, followed by Castelbuono in 2014, and finally Tenuta Margon in 2017. Accordingly, insecticides and herbicides are no longer used and only natural plant protection is used. 

More information about Azienda Agricola Lunelli

Company Name:Tenute Lunelli
Street:Via del Ponte 15
City:38123 Ravina
Region:Trentino, Tuscany, Umbria
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:(+39) 0461972490
Company Group:Gruppo Lunelli