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Bellavista - Franciacorta

Bellavista is one of the most important wineries in Franciacorta. The owner, Vittorio Moretti, began investing in this wine growing region in 1977. His goal is to capture the unique character of his Franciacorta home in the wines from Bellavista. He is convinced of the potential of this relatively new DOC region, and his vision of producing internationally acknowledged first class wines from the soil of his homeland has already come true. The many awards wone by Bellavista attest to his success.

The Moretti Family take pride in the fact that all of the grapes for Bellavista wines are grown exclusively in its own 190 hecatare vineyards: The wines produced with the classic bottle fermentation method are made without the purchase of additional grapes. Since the winery’s beginnings, the oenologist Mattia Vezzola has shared Moretti’s enthusiasm for winemaking. The high quality of Bellavista products is based upon consistent manual craftsmanship in its own vineyards as well as to gentle pressing and the cellar’s individual philosophy that gives these cuvées their personal signature.

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Straße:Via Bellavista 5
Ort:25030 Erbusco
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Telefon:+39 030 77 62 000