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The Bernhard Huber Winery

When searching for the greatest red wine vintners in Germany, it won’t take long before you come across the Bernhard Huber winery in the Baden wine growing region. Not because it is so old, but because it is so good!

The story of the Bernhard Huber winery began in 1987 when Bernhard and Barbara Huber made the decision to purchase vineyards surrounding the village of Malterdingen in Breisgau from the vintner co-op that had previously been their grape supplier.

Why Bernhard Huber made this risky decision can be explained by his quality standards. Huber no longer wanted to stand by and watch the high quality Spätburgunder grapes from his Malterdingen vineyards disappear into co-operative wines.

Huber’s approach can best be described as ‘French’. Over 700 years ago, Sistine monks brought the Pinot Noir (aka. Spätburgunder) grape variety to Malterdingen in Germany and erected both a monastery and a farm called Curia. The Bernhard Huber winery now stands on the land once tended by the monks - ‘Mönchshofmatten’. Just as in Burgundy, the Sistine monks found that the weathered, chalky soil in Malterdingen provided perfect conditions for grape growing.

Perfect soil and first class climate conditions are one thing, and consistent yield reduction is another. At Bernhard Huber, quality is of the utmost importance, and it is clearly reflected in the winery’s Pinot Noirs. All of these wines are completely fermented with the mash and left on the fine lees for a very long time. Then the Bernhard Huber wines mature for 18 months in oak casks until they are finally – and gently – bottled. Whether they are high-quality table wines or grand crus – at Bernhard Huber all wines are treated with the same dedication.

In addition to its excellent Pinot Noirs, the Bernhard Huber winery has also proven itself perfectly capable of mastering other grape varieties, including the Burgundy grapes Pinot Blanc and Pinot Gris as well as the Chardonnay and Auxerroisthat that also grow in in the perfect conditions the 26 hectare vineyards in Breisgau have to offer. But all in all, the Pinot Noir makes up over 70 % of Huber’s crop. They come from prize-winning locations such as Schlossberg, Bienenberg and Sommerhald