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    Life is beautiful, but sometimes it can be bitter. Best if only it is when we put bitter in our glass. Bitter, bitter liqueur, Amer or whatever you want to call it - is a flavoured spirit with a mostly bitter taste. Bitter does not start below 15 percent by volume, also and above all to dissolve the ingredients from the herbs and spices that give the bitter its aroma.

    In addition to the base alcohol, mostly from grain, but also from grapes, bitter often contain extracts from citrus fruits, such as classic in Campari or Aperol, from China or Angostura bark and from tart berries or anise.

    Of course the big red bottles like Aperol and Campari, but also Ramazotti, Fernet Branca, Averna or Becherovka are well known.

    But more important for the ladies and gentlemen behind the bar are the small bottles, above all the Angostura, a key component of bar classics such as Old Fashioned.

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