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3er Vorteils-Weinpaket - Crucillón DO - Bodegas Aragonesas 3er Vorteils-Weinpaket - Crucillón DO - Bodegas Aragonesas
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Crucillón DO - Bodegas Aragonesas Crucillón DO - Bodegas Aragonesas
Red wine dry Spain Aragon (ES) Campo de Borja DO (ES)
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12er Vorteils-Weinpaket - Crucillón DO - Bodegas Aragonesas 12er Vorteils-Weinpaket - Crucillón DO - Bodegas Aragonesas
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6er Vorteils-Weinpaket - Crucillón DO - Bodegas Aragonesas 6er Vorteils-Weinpaket - Crucillón DO - Bodegas Aragonesas

Although Bodegas Aragonesas was founded in 1984, the actual cultivation of wine dates back to 1145. 

Bodegas Aragonesas - Winery inherited from monks

In particular, the cultivation of Garnacha, the autochthonous grape variety of this region. At that time, the Cistercian monks of the monastery of Veruela, a stone's throw away from Fuendejalón and Magallon, were responsible for the cultivation of wine.

Bodegas Aragonesas Winery

Here the grapes are pampered

This precious and historical heritage of the region was taken up by the founders of the winery and the following generations of winemakers have preserved and expanded it. The Garnacha, according to their own words, is pampered from the field to the cellar - always careful to get a little bit more out of the vines through careful cultivation and processing. Some vines are over 100 years old, giving the wines a great deal of expressiveness.

Wines of character with distinction

Thanks to the variety of grape varieties and the passionate work of its winegrowers, Bodegas Aragonesas manages to give each wine its own special characteristics and unmistakable character. The brands

  • Fagus
  • Coto de Hayas
  • Garnacha Centenaria
  • Galiano
  • Oxia
  • Don Ramon and
  • Aragonia

are the winery's flagships and enjoy an excellent international reputation. Numerous honours and awards confirm this.

 Bodegas Aragonesas Caring the grapes 

Aragonesas Winery - Wide range with lots of life

From organic and fruity wines to complex wines with high expression - from young wines to crianzas and reservas - from white wines, rosé wines to red wines that are monovarietal or cuvée - the range of Bodegas Aragonesas is wide, full of professionalism and full of life. 

Bodegas Aragonesas Cellar

More information about Bodegas Aragonesas

Company Name:Bodegas Aragonesas
Street:Ctra. Magallón s/n
City:50529 Fuendejalón (Zaragoza)
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:+34 976 862 153
Year of Incorporation:1984