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The roots of the Spanish winery Bodegas del Señorio go back to the year 1870, when J. Asensio purchased fertile lands in the community of Almonacid de la Sierra. He had not yet begun active cultivation, but he had already begun working on the development of his lands. In 1910, the land changed hands: Martínez Gutierrez then began to cultivate grapes in what is now the Cariñena wine growing region. The winery carried his name for 80 years. Then his son Sohn Jesus Martinez Gutierrez, who took over the winery and still runs it today, decided to change the name of the family business. Although he did change the name of the winery to Bodegas del Señorio, he has adhered to his father’s philosophy and lifestyle: Today he is considered one of the best wine producers in the region. Along with Cabernet Sauvignon and Tempranillo, he also grows the Macabeo varietal and processes them gently into high quality, flavourful products. There are over 120 French oak casks in the winery’s cellars as well as rare bottles of wine from various vintages.

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Firmenname:Bodegas del Señorio
Straße:C/Afueras s/n
Ort:50108 Almonacid de la Sierra
Kontakt & Web
Telefon:+34 9 76 62 72 25
Fax:+34 9 76 62 72 25
Eigentümer:Jesus Martinez Gutierrez
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