Bodegas Salentein

Bodegas Salentein


Bodegas Salentein - Pionier im Valle de Uco am Fuße der Anden

Bodegas Salentein was founded in 1995 and is today one of the most successful addresses in Argentina. Salentein has a total of 2,000 hectares of land, of which 700 hectares are planted with vines in three different types of fincas. With an altitude of between 1,000 and 1,700 m above sea level, the vineyards are among the highest in the world. The conditions for the cultivation of grapevines are ideal there, as the water from the Andes is low in salt and available for irrigation all year round and there is enough heat and sufficient hours of sunshine. As it cools down at night, it has a long maturing period. The architecture of the winery blends in perfectly with the landscape, since only natural stone was used.

The acreage in the form of a cross is reminiscent of the missionaries who developed the land in the Valle de Uco and planted the first vines. The careful handling of the grapes was already in the foreground during the planning stage. The cross shape has the advantage that there are no long distances to overcome. The experienced winemaker Laureano Gomez finds the perfect conditions to produce great wines. Particularly impressive is the separate cellar with its wooden fermenters, specially equipped for the vinification of Primus wines. Due to this traditional way of maceration, Salentein can add a little more individuality to the wines. Another attraction is the visitor centre of Salentein "Killka". Like nowhere else in Argentina, the astonished visitor is offered a combination of art, wine history and top gastronomy. This architecture is fascinating as well as the view of the mighty snowy mountains of the Andes.

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Company Name:Posada Salentein de Bodegas Salentein SA
Street:Ruta 89 - km 12
City:5560 Tunuyán
Region:Valle de Uco
Continent:South America
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