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    C.A. Ron Santa Teresa (Rum)

     C.A. Ron Santa Teresa is a family-owned company in Venezuela and has played a definite role in both the country’s history and its rum distilling tradition in its over 200 years of operation. One of the first rum producers in the Caribbean, the goal of Hacienda Santa Teresa is to be the world leader of premium rums. But there’s more than just history to this independent business.

    Unique Venezuelan Rum

    Santa Teresa’s own sugar cane plantation and sugar processing plant, the excellent quality of the molasses that it produces, perfect barrel fermentation, and its two distinct distilleries: All of these contribute to the first steps in producing world class rums. The oldest distillery is responsible for producing artisanal alcohol, which is only slightly different than the elaboration on heavy and light alcohols in the newest facility. The rums produced by Santa Teresa are then aged for at least two years in American Oak or French limousine oak casks to produce products unequalled in quality and flavour. Then it’s time for expert blending to combine the liveliness of younger rums with the character and body of the aged ones. Its Santa Teresa 1796, a rum aged for over 25 years using the Solera process, for example, has even been declared ‘the best rum in the world’ by many of the most exacting critics, which is why it is best enjoyed pure or with just a little mineral water. But the most important contribution is made throughout the entire process, from field to bottle: Dedicated teamwork.

    We make rum, we play rugby.

    Santa Teresa is not only known internationally as a creator of first-class rums. The family Vollmer is also keenly aware of its responsibility to the region and supports social projects, such as the Proyecto Alcatraz and Rugby Santa Teresa. Humility, fair-play and social responsibility are of utmost importance at the workplace, and carrying these values out into the rest of the world was just the next logical step. And logic seems to be one of the Vollmers’ many virtues. The Alcatraz project, aimed at reintegrating troubled youth into society, came into being after the company was burglarised in 2003. A number of gang members held the estate security guard at gunpoint. The burglary itself was unsuccessful, and the perpetrators were given the choice between prison – or working at the distillery. Not only did these young men decide to work, they also asked if the whole gang might be offered the same opportunity. The young men worked hard. They received schooling. Then they played rugby on the company’s own specially built field. Learning (and living) teamwork and how to get up every time you fall means trying to become better in every facet of life. The Alcatraz Project was presented with the ‘Beyond Sport Award’ in 2009 and was selected by the World Bank as a role model for other countries seeking to combat poverty and encourage social change. Most of the original gang members still work for the Hacienda Santa Teresa, taking on their own responsibility for these excellent quality rums. Responsibility, inclusion, pride in one’s own accomplishments. The project has since been expanded to allow underprivileged youth a place to play and learn on the rugby field. In case you can’t make the worthwhile trip to the distillery to experience their quality processes yourself (and they are always glad to have you), Santa Teresa rums are currently available in over 30 countries and proudly display the label ‘Ron de Venezuela’.

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