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Cantine Lombardo Marsala

Cantine Lombardo Marsala

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Fine IP Semi-Secco Marsala DOC - Cantine Lombardo Marsala Fine IP Semi-Secco Marsala DOC - Cantine Lombardo Marsala
Fortified Wine Marsala medium sweet Italy Sicily (IT) Marsala DOC (IT)
Crema Mandorla - Cantine Lombardo Marsala
Crema Mandorla - Cantine Lombardo Marsala
Fortified Wine Marsala sweet Italy Sicily (IT)

Marsala is a city in the west of Sicily, famous for its wine of the same name. In 1773 the merchant John Woodhouse "discovered" the wine and made it famous. In 1881 the shipowner Giuseppe Lombardo Maltese had the idea to bring the wine with his ships all over the world. However, it was not until 1952 that the family started bottling their own products. Today the company is run by Orazio and Ermelinda Lombardo.

The cellar of Cantine Lombardo

Marsala is a versatile wine, suitable for desserts, as an aperitif or as part of a cocktail. It exists as dry, semi-dry or sweet wine, in different stages of ageing. The grape varieties used are Grillo, Catarrato, Inzolia and Damaschino. Also in the colours there are different characteristics of this Sicilian wine. The Cantine Lombardo alone offers 7 different varieties.

More information about Cantine Lombardo Marsala

Street:Via Vincenzo Florio 17
City:91025 Marsala (TP)
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:+39 0923 721666
Year of Incorporation:1881