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Rupestro Orvieto Classico - Cardeto Rupestro Orvieto Classico - Cardeto
White wine dry Italy Umbria (IT)
Matilè Bianco IGP - Cardeto Matilè Bianco IGP - Cardeto
White wine dry Italy Umbria (IT) Orvieto DOC (IT)
Matilè Rosa IGP - Cardeto Matilè Rosa IGP - Cardeto
Rosé Wines dry Italy Umbria (IT)
Rupestro Merlot Sangiovese IGP - Cardeto Rupestro Merlot Sangiovese IGP - Cardeto
Red wine dry Italy Umbria (IT)
- Matile Merlot - Cardeto
Red wine dry Italy Umbria (IT)
Matile Pinot Grigio IGT - Cardeto Matile Pinot Grigio IGT - Cardeto
White wine dry Italy Umbria (IT)

At Cardèto there is a belief that the richness of history, tradition and origin are essential to create timeless wines in combination with the characteristics of a region. This is especially true for Italy, with its ancient history and diversity, which is reflected here in the city of Orvieto.

Panorama of Orvieto

Umbrian wines of best quality - Cardeto Winery

In 1949, the Orvieto Wine Growers' Association was founded, making it one of the oldest associations of its kind in Italy. The winegrowers had a cellar built in the town in order to produce and offer wines together. In 1971 the DOC Orvieto was created, giving the wines of the community a protected appellation. Shortly afterwards, the wine market took off and the Community had to expand its cellar to meet the high demand.

In 1987 the first wines under the Cardèto brand appeared, bottled on a mobile station. In 1991 a new winery was built and three years later the first fixed bottling line was put into operation. In 2004 the last major expansion followed, with additional storage rooms and a barrique cellar, with a total surface area of 12000 square metres. One year later the community changed its name to Cantina Cardèto.

Vineyards in Umbria

The hills of Umbria

The area around Orvieto is of volcanic origin with wide tufa soils. A wide variety of grape varieties are cultivated:

  • classics like Chardonnay, Pinot Gris or Merlot
  • typical Italian varieties such as Grechetto or Sangiovese

Two different series have been launched on the market, the "city line" by Orvieto and the Matile wines. In addition, they also produce olive oil from their own cultivation.

Today Cardèto has 150 members with 820 hectares of vineyards. Their aim is to increase the prestige of Orvieto wines and to sell them in bulk in single bottles. Several wine shops have been opened by Cardèto in different cities and the winery exports to 14 countries. In addition to the brand of the same name, the community also produces wines under the names Poggio dell'Olmo, Pierleone and Rupestro.

More information about Cardeto

Company Name:Cantina Cardeto
Street:loc. Sferracavallo
City:05018 Orvieto
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:+39 0763 341286
Fax:+39 0763 344123
Year of Incorporation:1949
Company Group:Wine Cooperative of the Orvieto community