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Valle Sur Wine


In the Chilean Valle Sur wines have been grown since the Spanish colonial times. The climatic conditions of the wine-growing region, which are unique to Chile, ensure a particularly dense aroma structure, which you will taste with the first sip. 

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Valle Sur (CL) Valle Sur

The Valle Sur: fruitiness is the order of the day

If you like fruity and fresh wine, the fine wines from the Valle Sur in Chile offer you exactly what you are looking for. The wine region is especially known for its full-bodied red wines, but you will also find tasty dry white wines from the Valle Sur at VINELLO.

Wine growing region Valle Sur

The Valle Sur is by far the most southern wine-growing region in Chile. The climate is cool to moderately Mediterranean and predominantly rainy, while the wines convince with fruitiness and a dense aroma. The red Pais and the white Muscat d'Alexandrie are considered the most important wines of the region.

Location and structure of the electoral area Valle Sur

The Valle Sur is the southernmost of the Chilean wine regions and also means "valley of the south" or "southern valley". In the English-speaking world it is usually simply referred to as "Southern Chile". The wine region is spread over three river valleys and their surroundings, which also form the three sub-regions of Valle Sur: 

  • Valle del Italia 
  • Valle del Bio Bio
  • Valle del Malleco

The Valle del Italia

The Valle del Italia is the largest and northernmost of the three sub-regions. It is located in the Chilean region de Ñuble about 420 kilometers south of the state capital Santiago de Chile. It extends almost 100 kilometers in a north-south and east-west direction. 

The geographical feature that is central to viticulture is the confluence of the Italia with the Ñuble and the Pacific Ocean, which forms the western border of the Valle del Italia. The climate is cool and rainy. The soil is alluvial, made up of washed up sand and clay from the two rivers. One of the famous vineyards in the Valle del Italia is Miguel Torres Chile.

Which grape varieties are cultivated in Valle del Italia?

In the Valle del Italia, red varieties such as Pais and Carignan noir are cultivated, and more recently, Cabernet Sauvignon has also been increasingly cultivated. The most important white wine variety is Muscat d'Alexandrie from the Muscat family. 

The Valle del Bio Bio

The Valle del Bio Bio is located in the Chilean region of the same name and is known for its fruity fresh wines. Due to the rather flat terrain, the vineyards are mainly located between 50 and 200 meters. With an annual rainfall of almost 1,300 mm, the Valle del Bio Bio is one of the wine-growing areas with the most rainfall in Chile. Thanks to the regular strong winds, the humidity is no problem for wine growing. Overall, a moderate Mediterranean climate prevails.

Which grape varieties are cultivated in Valle del Bio Bio?

The two dominant grape varieties in Valle del Bio Bio are the white Muscat d'Alexandrie and the red Pais. In addition, the white varieties Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc and the red variety Pinot Noir are also grown. 

The Valle del Malleco

The Valle del Malleco is located immediately south of the Valle Bio Bio and is therefore the southernmost of the three sub-regions in Valle Sur. Temperatures are characterized by strong day-night differences, while the climate is cool and rainy overall. At the same time, the terroir, which is characterized by volcanic rock, ensures that the soil is highly drained, providing the conditions for wines with a concentrated aroma. The small town of Traiguén in the north of the Valle del Malleco is considered the center of viticulture. 

Which grape varieties are cultivated in the Valle del Malleco?

In the Valle del Malleco, mainly the white Chardonnay and the red Pinot Noir are cultivated.

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