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Grande Réserve Brut - Champagne Devaux Grande Réserve Brut - Champagne Devaux
Sparkling Wine Champagner Brut France Champagne (FR)
La Cuvée D Brut - Champagne Devaux La Cuvée D Brut - Champagne Devaux
Sparkling Wine Champagner Brut France Champagne (FR)

Champagne Devaux

Introducing Champagne Devaux

This winery was founded in the Département Aube on the Côte des Bar (Bar-sur-Aub and Bar-sur-Seine) in 1967, and it is considered one of the few specialists for Champagnes made from Pinot Noir grapes. At Champagne Devaux, the Pinot Noir grape is grown on 38 % of the cultivated vineyards. They thrive especially well in the predominantly cool, chalky soil that is typical for the area. Its wine is aromatic, with notes of red fruits and has a distinctly bold and voluminous character. In 1986, the historic brand (since 1846!) Veuve A. Devaux was taken over by the descendants of its original founders, Jules and Auguste Devaux. The Champagnes sold under this brand are made exclusively from grapes grown in Devaux’s own vineyards and are vinified and matured in the winery’s own cellars.

At Champagne Devaux, the very best vineyards are internally classified and cultivated separately. The so-called ‘reserve wines’ play an important role in production: They are matured in large quantities in the cellars and make up between 10 and 25 % of the individual cuvées. An especially important quality factor for Devaux Champagnes is a sufficiently long yeast maturation period, which gives the product its unique characteristics. A simple yet very successful concept!

More information about Champagne Devaux

Company Name:Champagne Devaux
Street:Hameau de Villeneuve
City:10110 Bar-sur-Seine
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]