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Behind the deep, dark Black Forest, near the Rhine and the Alps, amidst the gentle hills between Basel and Freiburg, wine connoisseurs will find something good and noble. A white wine, close in character to the locals and somewhat suspicious to strangers at first sip. This is Baden - this is Gutedel wine.

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Markgräfler Gutedel trocken 1,0 l 2021 - Weingut Kiefer
Markgräfler Gutedel trocken 1,0 l 2021 - Weingut Kiefer
White wine dry Germany Baden (DE) Kaiserstuhl (DE)
Fendant du Valais Délival 2020 - Weinkellereien Aarau
Fendant du Valais Délival 2020 - Weinkellereien Aarau
White wine dry Switzerland Valais (CH)
Markgräflerland Gutedel trocken 2021 - Martin Waßmer
Markgräflerland Gutedel trocken 2021 - Martin Waßmer
White wine dry Germany Baden (DE)
Frickenhäuser Kapellenberg Fränkischer Gemischter Satz - Bickel-Stumpf Frickenhäuser Kapellenberg Fränkischer Gemischter Satz - Bickel-Stumpf
White wine dry Germany Franconia (DE) Frickenhausen (DE)
Fendant de Sierre Valais AOC 2020 - Domaines Rouvinez
Fendant de Sierre Valais AOC 2020 - Domaines Rouvinez
White wine dry Switzerland Valais (CH)
Heugumber Gutedel trocken 2020 - Ziereisen
Heugumber Gutedel trocken 2020 - Ziereisen
White wine dry Germany Baden (DE)
ICE Demi-Sec - Francois Montand
ICE Demi-Sec - Francois Montand
Sparkling Wine semi-dry France Jura (FR)

The white wine from the ancient grape is characteristic of the zest for life of the people around the Markgräflerland. Simple, down-to-earth, fun-loving. You don't need a simple occasion for a drinkable Chasselas. You drink it just like that; out of pleasure, out of joy or simply out of thirst. For many people, Chasselas is only known as a wine to be drunk in the morning, but for anyone who is interested in this fresh white wine, it is much more than that. A piece of home, which can be found everywhere in the world. For example in the Vinello wine trade, where we offer a delicate selection to enthusiastic lovers of the mild and balanced Gutedel. Selected and tasted, we would like to pass on liquid joie de vivre to you. Because what is good must also be noble.

The taste of the Badner - The taste of the Gutedel

The Gutedel, also known as Chasselas or Fendant, especially in Switzerland, scores with an almost neutral taste that stems more from the terroir than the fruit. On the deep and not too dry loess and limestone soils, the grape variety blossoms yieldingly and widely. Light and full of minerals, the wine harmonizes with a balance of fruit and structure. Mild acidity, sparing alcohol and light nutty-fruity aromas make the Chasselas wine an uncomplicated companion for all occasions. Chasselas are usually vinified dry and drunk young, although high-quality Chasselas white wines have a storage potential of up to 5 years.

Origin of the Chasselas

The grape variety is said to have been cultivated in the El Fajum oasis as long as 5000 years ago. However, the latest findings point to the Western Alps as the region of origin. Today, the Markgräflerland, the canton of Wallis, a small part of France and also the wine-growing region of Saale Unstrut are noteworthy regions in which Gutedel plays a prominent role. The Markgräflerland, in particular, is profiled as a Gutedel center and also takes this role seriously, as the numerous events, such as the Gutedel Day, the Gutedel Cup and the Markgräfler Gutedel Prize illustrate. Therefore, it is not surprising that the main cultivation area of the Chasselas is located exactly there.

Our Chasselas wine recommendation

  • Chasselas Markgräflerland dry - Martin Wassmer

If you want to recommend a Chasselas, you cannot avoid presenting a dry white wine from the Markgräflerland. The light yellow Chasselas from the Martin Wassmer Winery convinces with floral hints as well as aromas of fresh apples and citrus fruits. The delicate body tastes dry and is an ideal companion on sunny days.

Interesting facts about the Gutedel white wine

What is Chasselas?

Chasselas, also called Chasselas, Fendant, Junker, is a very old grape variety from which white wine is made. The origin is disputed, but increasingly points to the Western Alps. Today, the Markgräflerland is the largest cultivation area of the grape variety. The Gutedel white wine is golden yellow, fresh, drinkable and is usually vinified as a dry white wine.

What goes well with Chasselas wine?

Chasselas always fits - sometimes for celebrations, sometimes just for fun. For a change, it also goes well with food. Because Chasselas goes excellently with cheese dishes such as fondue and raclette, but also with fish, beef and turkey dishes. Small tip: Chasselas also complements sophisticated asparagus. Delicious!

How do you store Chasselas white wine?

Chasselas are drunk young, that means in the first 2 years. It should be stored in a cool and dark place, protected from sunlight and light, vibrations and temperature fluctuations.

How long does an open bottle of Chasselas last?

If the bottle is still quite full, the wine will keep tightly closed in the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days. Bottles with less content should be drunk the next day.

How do you drink Chasselas?

The ideal drinking temperature for a Gutedel white wine is 10-12°C.

Buy Chasselas wine online at Vinello

There is always time for a light, fresh and uncomplicated Chasselas. And for uncomplicated ordering too. Find a small but exquisite selection of easy-going and fun-loving Chasselas white wines in the Vinello wine shop. Buy fine quality and summer wines on Vinello and benefit from a relaxed buying experience and guaranteed safe and fast delivery. Simply buy Chasselas, sit back and wait for the carbon-neutral shipped package. Gutedel on - pour happiness. With extra love from - your wine trade for liquid comfort.