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Mango, Walnut, mineral and Vanilla
  • Dieser exklusive Weißwein passt perfekt zu Kohl-Rouladen oder Spaghetti mit Kapern-Tomaten-Sauce
  • Der Ausbau im großen Holz macht diesen französischen Weißwein besonders
  • Dieser französische Weißwein eignet sich ausgezeichnet zu Ostern

Château L'Hospitalet La Clape Grand Vin Blanc - Gerard Bertrand

White wine France France Languedoc-Roussillon (FR)
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Château L'Hospitalet La Clape Grand Vin Blanc - Gerard Bertrand
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In the glass, Château L'Hospitalet La Clape by Gerard Bertrand presents a dense pale yellow color. If you give it some air in the wine glass by swirling, this white wine reveals a high density and fullness, which is evident in clear church windows at the edge of the glass. With a little time in the glass, this Old World white wine presents wonderfully expressive aromas of papaya, gallia melon, pineapple and guava, rounded out by whole-nut chocolate, vanilla and roasted hazelnut contributed by barrel aging.

The Gerard Bertrand Château L'Hospitalet La Clape delights with its elegantly dry flavor. It was bottled with exceptionally little residual sugar. This is a real quality wine, which clearly stands out from simpler qualities and so this Frenchman enchants naturally with all dryness with the finest balance. Excellent taste does not necessarily need sugar. In the finish, this white wine from the Languedoc wine-growing region, which can be stored well, finally delights with its beautiful length. There are again hints of Gallia melon and papaya.

Vinification of the Gerard Bertrand Château L'Hospitalet La Clape

The powerful Château L'Hospitalet La Clape from France is a cuvée, pressed from the grape varieties Bourboulenc, Roussanne, Vermentino and Viognier. Château L'Hospitalet La Clape is an Old World wine in the best sense of the word, as this Frenchman exudes an extraordinary European charm that clearly underscores the success of Old World wines. The development of the grapes for this wine from Bourboulenc, Roussanne, Vermentino and Viognier is influenced to a considerable extent by the climate of the growing region. In Languedoc, the grapes thrive in a warm climate, which is reflected, among other things, in particularly well ripened grapes and a rather high must weight. After the grapes have been harvested, they are taken by the fastest route to the press house. Here they are sorted and carefully ground. This is followed by fermentation in large wood at controlled temperatures. After the completion of fermentation, Château L'Hospitalet La Clape is aged for several months in French oak barrels.

Food recommendation for the Gerard Bertrand Château L'Hospitalet La Clape

Drink this white wine from France best moderately chilled at 11 - 13°C as a companion to pumpkin casserole, spaghetti with caper-tomato sauce or chickpea curry.


Product type:
Type of Wine:
White wine
Wine Color:
Occasion and theme:
typical national evening , surprise connoisseurs , Easter
Cultivation area:
Languedoc-Roussillon (FR)
Varietal blend
large wood
Finishing details:
French Oak , sur lie (on the whole yeast)
Mango , Walnut , mineral , Vanilla
Mouthfeel/ Texture:
silky , gripping , dense
Old World , Warm Climate Winegrowing Region
Optimal serving temperature in °C:
11 - 13
Food Pairing:
bright, hearty dishes
Bottle size in l:
Bottle Design & Features:
Bordeaux Style , classic
storage capacity in years from the vintage year:
Alcohol % ABV:
Allergens and ingredients:
Contains Sulphites and Sulphur Dioxide
Gérard Bertrand - Rue de Narbonne Plage - 11100 Narbonne - Frankreich