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Bordeaux Haut Medoc 2018 - Chateau Lestage Simon Bordeaux Haut Medoc 2018 - Chateau Lestage Simon
Red wine dry France Bordeaux (FR) Haut-Médoc (FR)

Chateau Lestage Simon -  on the banks of the Gironde river

Château Lestage Simon is a vineyard on the edge of the Saint-Estèphe appellation in Bordeaux. It is located next to the village of Saint-Seurin de-Cadourne, where it benefits from the wonderful terroir on the banks of the Gironde. Other big names in viticulture can be found around the village, such as Château Sociando-Mallet. The estate has been advised by star oenologist Michel Rolland and his team since 2010 to get the best out of the wine. The estate is classified as Cru Bourgeois ("Bourgeois growth"). Originally, the best estates in Bordeaux were classified as Cru Classé, but this was last done in the 19th century. Over the years, some Cru Bourgeois estates have already become so good at their winemaking methods that they have in some cases caught up with and surpassed their larger cousins.

Vineyards in the Médoc

Chateau Lestage Simon and the terroir

The terroir of Château Lestage Simon is typical of the Médoc. The soils here are mainly clay and limestone with a gravel overlay. As one moves towards the shore of the Gironde estuary, the proportion of sand increases more and more. Overall, the soil in the Bordelais consists of a limestone base from the Tertiary period, which was covered by material brought in by the rivers during the Ice Age. This overlay allows the vines to root deeply while ensuring optimal water drainage. The Atlantic Ocean regulates the climate so that strong temperature fluctuations are absorbed. In addition, the vast pine forests of the region are another factor that contributes to climate regulation.

Château Lestage Simon has 40 hectares at its disposal. On these, the following grape varieties are cultivated:

  • Cabernet Sauvignon
  • Merlot

The grapes are mainly grown conventionally.

Merlot, one of the most important grape varieties in Bordeaux

The wine from Chateau Lestage Simon

Wines in Bordeaux are predominantly aged in barriques. Typically the wine lies for approx. 18 months in the barrel, before it is pulled on the bottle. The wine of Chateau Lestage Simon is no exception. The wine is a tip for all Bordeaux fans who are looking for a high-quality wine from the region and at the same time want to buy price-consciously. The wine from Chateau Lestage Simon is regularly awarded by institutions like Falstaff in the 90s range and is therefore always worth a look.

More information about Chateau Lestage Simon

Company Name:Chateau Lestage Simon
Street:Château Lestage Simon
City:33180 St Seurin de Cadourne