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  • Cherry Brandy - fruit in the glass

    Noble cherry brandy, in Germany also known as Kirschwasser or Kirschbrand, from local cherries with fruity aroma and clear color, for pure cherry enjoyment as a digestif, to warm, to enjoy. As a pure, natural product cherry brandy has been convincing for centuries and the traditional distilling and wild ingredients have not changed much. Because Kirschwasser is cultural heritage and heritage you don't touch or change. Pure, undiluted, unaromatized - cherry brandy directly from cherry trees and refined by ancient tradition on VINELLO - your transparent spirits shop.

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    Cherry brandy - recipe for well-being

    Cherry brandies bring the full aroma of ripe and small cherries in the glass. They are gently pressed, mashed and distilled several times, free of defects, leaves and stems. The result is a true cherry aroma in crystal-clear Kirschwasser. The quality of each distillate is inseparably linked to the exquisite and flawless cherries. Sunny and warm days pamper the dark cherries and result in a high sugar content and distinctive aroma. The best ingredients for the best Kirschwasser, which you can buy at VINELLO and enjoy in care and comfort.

    Things worth knowing about cherry brandy

    What goes with a glass of cherry brandy?

    Cherry brandies are usually served as a digestif after a meal. But also with coffee and cake the bouquet of the Kirschwasser harmonises excellently. Of course, cherry brandy is ideal for cooking and baking and for many the secret ingredient in the classic swiss cheese fondue.

    How long can Kirschwasser be stored?

    Kirschwasser has an almost unlimited shelf life and acquires a rounder taste through aging. For optimal storage, the cherry brandy should be stored upright in a dark, cool and temperature-resistant place. An open bottle can be kept for up to one year. The less contact the Kirschwasser has with oxygen, the longer the distillate will last.

    How to drink cherry brandy?

    Kirschwasser is mainly served in a tulip glass or cognac glass. The drinking temperature lies between 14-18°C, depending upon personal preferences. Thus you receive the intensive flavour of the cherry brandy in full splendour.

    Buy Kirschbrand online

    Precious cherry brandies from Baden and Helvetia, with the unadulterated aroma of local cherries, can be bought online at VINELLO. We offer you a carefully selected selection of the best cherry brandies, for impeccable enjoyment and pure taste. Order your favourite cherry brandy online and benefit from the climate-neutral and insured delivery, with which we ship your precious cherry brandies. Cheap and uncomplicated, you too can quickly enjoy serving the wild cherries in pure harmony. Buy Cherry Brandies online at a good price on VINELLO - clear distillates for clear moments.