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Cognac VS - Cognac Bowen Cognac VS - Cognac Bowen
Cognac VSOP in GP - Cognac Bowen Cognac VSOP in GP - Cognac Bowen
Cognac XO in GP - Cognac Bowen Cognac XO in GP - Cognac Bowen

Behind Cognac Bowen is a charming, romantic adventure - a cognac distilled especially for a woman. The story of Cognac Bowen is closely intertwined with the story of Cognac Chabasse, whose owner at the turn of the century was Louis Olivier Chabasse .

René-Luc Chabasse

Cognac Bowen - or also where love falls to

Louis Olivier was travelling in India when he met Elisabeth Bowen . A young woman from England whose family owned a farm near Pondicerry. He brought all his knowledge, skill and passion to distill an aromatic, refined cognac for Elisabeth - he succeeded and so this cognac bears the name of the young woman Bowen

To this day, everyone can now enjoy these aromatic cognacs. The great-grandson René-Luc Chabasse continues Cognac Bowen in the spirit of his great-grandfather. 

Origin and terroir of Bowen cognacs

Grapes from the following regions around Cognac are used for Cognac Bowen's brandies:

  • Champagne
  • Fins Bois
  • Borderies

Harvest for high quality cognacs

In addition to the most common grape variety in the Charente, Ugni Blanc, Piquepoul and Colombard grapes are also used for Bowen's cognacs. 

Cognac production process

The production of Cognac takes place in the so-called double distillation process, in which a base wine with just 8% by volume is distilled twice. In the first pass a brandy with approx. 30 vol.-% is produced, in the second the so-called "heart" with up to 70 % alcohol content. These eaux-de-vie are stored in Limousin oak barrels at Cognac Bowen and then blended to produce the final product.

More information about Cognac Bowen

Company Name:Cognac Bowen
Street:51 Rue Elysee Loustalot
City:17412 Saint-Jean-d'Angély
Contact & Web
Telephone:+33 546 3211 48
Fax:+33 546 3214 83
Company Owner:René-Luc Chabasse
Cultivated Area:Champagne, Fins Bois, Borderies