Cork Guarantee

How the VINELLO.corkguarantee Works

The cork guarantee is available to all customers starting from November 21, 2015.

Have you purchased a bottle of wine from us that is ‘corked’ (has developed an unpleasant taste due to a faulty original cork)? No problem. We will retrieve the bottle and replace it with a new one!

The VINELLO.corkguarantee Process

If you notice that the wine has been tainted by a faulty cork when you open the bottle, please keep the cork and stopper the bottle with it as tightly as possible. If the cork is damaged, it is very important that you save it for return to us!

Please send us an e-mail to with your message or simply use our convenient contact form.

We will pick up the bottle (it will normally be sent to the vintner or importer for exchange) and send you a new bottle. If the vintage is no longer available, you may be sent a bottle from a differing production year.

Why do we need the bottle back?

The corky taste does not come from the wine. It comes from the natural cork. Cork comes from the bark tissue of the cork oak tree. Phenolderivates such as TCA can occur in cork and can cause a distinctive wine fault, even in small amounts. Because the corks often come from a single harvest, it is possible that other bottles have been affected as well. Those bottles should be examined and tested so that they are not put into circulation. The wine industry has reacted to the problem of wine taint and introduced TCA-free corks. Wines with TCA-free corks are clearly stated in our product descriptions. Such corks eliminate the possibility of wine taint.


The cork guarantee does not apply to sold-out and limited edition wines because we cannot replace them.

The corked bottle must be returned to us with the original cork. We will arrange to have the bottle picked up at no charge to you. A copy of the invoice must accompany the returned bottle.

Financial reimbursement for corked wine is not possible.

For customers in non-EU countries and customers whose delivery address is not in Germany, Austria or the Netherlands, the free of charge cork guarantee is not possible. This is due to customs and excise duties. Should you still want to make use of or cork guarantee, we are happy to provide you with information about the costs for pick-up and delivery regarding your individual case.