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    Along with our large selection of fine wines, we also offer you distilled spirits and fine distillates from diverse parts of the world. Not only fine spirits distilled from grapes such as Grappa, Cognac or Brandy, but also Gin, Whisky, Rum, Vodka and various exotic elixirs like Pisco, Tequila and Cachaça.

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    Spirits from Premium Distilleries

    From A as in Absinth to G for Grappa and P as in Pisco all the way to W for Whisky and Whiskey: If you are looking for first class, high calibre distilled spirits in our pleasure alphabet, then the vinello.de Online Wine Shop is definitely the right address. We concentrate on the best products from premium distilleries and manufacturers. Our range is growing steadily and will be complemented with carefully selected, first class spirits that have been discovered by only a select few enthusiasts.


    The Production of Distilled Spirits

    The production of distilled beverages, i.e. Spirits, is still a relatively new process. Although the distillation of pitch has been traced back to the Neolithic Age, and Aristotle later wrote about the possibility of distilling wine, it wasn’t until around 1000 CE that the production of high-proof alcohol gained significance. Medieval alchemists perfected the process, and by the 15th century most European countries were producing various regionally typical products. Southern France has been producing Armagnac since then, about 100 years later the first Calvados appeared in Normandy, and Cognac was being distilled in southwest France.


    Buying Spirits Online: Grappa, Cognac, Brandy and more

    Chevalier de la Croix-Maron is purportedly the inventor of Cognac. But Armagnac, sometimes called Cognac's little brother, was already being distilled in Gascony. If you are interested in buying spirits online at vinello.de, you will find Armagnac in the Cognac section. Strictly speaking, however, it is – as is his big brother – a brandywine with a proprietary designation of origin from a specific region. One other difference between the two is that Armagnac is distilled only once, and Cognac is double-distilled. 

    Most grape-based distilled spirits in Germany are called ‘Weinbrand’ (literally: burned wine), but in many other countries, such as England, Italy and Spain, they are termed Brandy, which acquires its colour and flavour mainly from being aged in wooden casks. In contrast to many brandies, which are produced from wine, Grappa is distilled from the pomace or marc that is left over after wine has been pressed. We offer you a large selection of excellent Cognacs, high-quality Spanish brandies and interesting Grappe from micro-distilleries as well as famous brands.


    Spirits Distilled from Grain: Whisky and Vodka

    Along with wine distillates, you are also able to buy spirits online that are grain-based. The most important of these are, of course, whisky and vodka, but you can hardly compare the two. The former is possibly even older than spirits from the Continent, but we don’t know that any better than we know whether it originated from Scotland or Ireland. Irish Whiskey and Scotch are made from barley and are matured in oak casks for several years, which gives them their absolutely unique flavour. Bourbon, on the other hand, is an American whiskey which is produced from mais (corn).

    Vodka originally comes from Eastern Europe and was distilled from rye. Today distilling vodkas based upon on other matter is allowed, but vodka never, ever comes into contact with a wooden cask. Vodka is the purest of alcoholic beverages: A good vodka is carefully filtered and is comprised of almost only water and alcohol.


    Exotic Spirits: Gin, Rum, Tequila, Fruit Brandy and More

    The abovementioned distillates are evergreen classics, but you can also choose from our more exotic selection when you want to buy spirits online. The most well-known of these is probably the juniper berry flavoured Gin. The New World, on the other hand, is home to Tequila, Rum and Cachaça, the latter of which is distilled from sugar cane, and the first of which is produced from the heart of the blue agave. 

    Last but not least - fruit brandies. The most famous fruit brandy is made primarily from apples: Calvados. We also offer you excellent regional fruit brandies.

    And incidentally, If you find our extensive selection of first class distilled spirits a little overwhelming, just try a small bottle first: We also offer several products in miniature bottles.

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