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Domaines Schlumberger

Domaines Schlumberger

Domaines Schlumberger - Grand Crus en masse

Domaines Schlumberger, located in the picturesque Guebwiller, is the largest vineyard owner in Alsace with 120 hectares of vineyards and is not one of the so-called négociants who buy their grapes. A unique feature of Guebwiller is that it is the only municipality in Alsace that has a share in four Grand Crus sites and the domains Schlumberger is represented on all of them. In the Kitterle, Kessler and Saering sites Schlumberger is even the main owner.

Schlumberger and the family

Thanks to the advantages of its own extensive Grand Crus sites, Schlumberger is able to produce Vendange Tardives and Sélection de Grains Nobles with incredible richness and considerable aging potential. The top-quality wines from the noble lazy grape harvest are named after the family members of the long-established Guebwiller family.

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More information about Domaines Schlumberger

Company Name:Domaines Schlumberger
Street:100 rue Théodore Deck
City:68501 Guebwiller Cedex
Contact & Internet
Telephone:+33 389 742700
Fax:+33 389 748575
Domaines Schlumberger
Year of Incorporation:1810
Company Group:Domaines Schlumberger
Company Owner:Familie Schlumberger