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    Wine from the USA - in wine we trust

    Wine from the USA - from the rather new wine world of the New World. The lived American dream of American wine, from almost inedible drops to the noble wine of the top class in record time. Viniculture is young, orientated towards the old world and is always open to innovations, visions and first-class creations. Along the west coast of the USA, the ambitious winegrowers have made their way into the top league and convince internationally with lush red wines, delicate white wines and an unbroken pioneering spirit.

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    American wine - by the people, for the people

    Viniculture in the United States of America has a wild, if rather short, history. It was not until the 1970s that a strong wine production developed, which made it into a circle with France, Italy and Spain at an impressive speed. Since the Paris wine jury in 1976 at the latest, when Californian wines outstripped their French counterparts, US wine has been considered a serious part of the wine elite. Barrique-matured Burgundy style red wines from California, fine Chardonnay white wines from the Columbia Valley in Washington state and deep red Pinot Noir red wines from the vineyards of Oregon's up-and-coming wine regions. American wines do not have to fear comparison with European wines. Regrettable about the high quality of U.S. wines is that most of them never leave the country. Fortunately, with VINELLO you have a reliable partner who has sailed an exquisite selection of top wines from the USA across the pond for you.

    The history of American viticulture

    The history of the USA is the history of migrants and discoveries. The history of American viticulture is no exception. Already during the Viking expeditions, the natural vines were found, which grew abundantly but did not satisfy the taste of the later settlers. French Huguenots were the first to produce wine based on the European model. With moderate success. The local grapes were not edible and imported vines became diseased or were taken away by phylloxera. A subject with which the American viticulture had to struggle for a long time. The first cultivated vineyards were established in California around 1796, when Junipero Serra and a group of Mexican settlers planted wine on the hills around San Diego. At the latest with the arrival of European settlers, expert wine knowledge also moved to the United States. After various setbacks and some experiments with soils, grape varieties and cultivation, the wine established itself among the local population. With the construction of the railway line between East and West, Californian wine also spread to the heavily populated east coast. Wine growing could hardly be stopped, at least until the prohibition movement turned the face of the wine industry upside down.

    Apart from religious purposes, no wine has been allowed to be produced since the decree in 1919. Vineyards were cleared, wineries closed, wine knowledge lost. Even the end of prohibition in 1933 did not stop the recession for US wine. The Great Depression in the 1930s and the Second World War caused the luxury product to migrate into the background. After the USA overcame the challenges of the time, viticulture grew to a previously unimagined size. Today, almost every american state produces wine, with about 90% of the yield coming from California. Nevertheless, the American viticulture caused a stir. They won the Paris wine jury, became one of the largest producers in the world and became part of elite circles, inspiring wine lovers with award-winning, high-quality wines from the major wine-growing regions of the USA.

    The top 3 American growing regions


    America is no stranger to superlatives. The biggest, the best, the most - in terms of environmentally conscious viticulture, these values apply to California. Nearly 90% of American wine is produced in the regions along the cool Pacific coast and in the hot inland regions. The varied climate allows the smooth cultivation of the noble grape varieties Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Zinfandel, Sauvignon Blanc, Barbera, Riesling, Grenache, Semillon and many more. Above all, powerful and massive red wines as well as fine white wines place California on a level with European regions. The drive for innovation prevents standstill. The American winegrowers do not rest on their laurels but try to reinvent themselves. A change from heavy wines to light and multifaceted wines is currently in full swing and surprises the wine connoisseurs again and again with the varied taste, from the land of unlimited possibilities.


    In the northwest of the country, the vineyards of Washington State are the second largest after California for American wine. Since the 1960s, white wine varieties such as Chardonnay, Riesling, Sauvignon Blanc, but also Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz for American red wine, have been growing and thrived on the approximately 11,800 hectares of vineyards. The main cultivation area is the Columbia Valley with 95% of the total area under cultivation. With cold nights, hot summers and sandy soils, Washington offers ideal conditions for the production of fresh and refined white wines. With the promising products from Syrah, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, however, the red wine from Washington also develops into a pleasurable experience.


    Small, young and already a figurehead for American wine. The Oregon Pinot Noir is cultivated on half of the vineyards, because the demand for the full red wine is immense. In addition, there are ideal conditions for Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and Pinot Gris. Wine growing in Oregon is on the upswing and will be talked about in the future. Following the French philosophy of the terroir, the winegrowers are keen to vinify Burgundy style wines with Oregon Terroir.

    American Viticultural Area

    Unlike in European countries, there are no legally regulated quality levels for wine in the USA. Only the designation of origin, called American Viticultural Area or AVA for short, provides information about the origin of the wine. This indication is purely geographical and does not refer to yield, grape variety or storage. The size of an AVA can vary from very large (Upper Mississippi River Valley with about 77,000 km²) to comparatively tiny (Cole Ranch with about 240m²). Among the more famous AVAs you will find for example Napa Valley, Columbia Valley and Dundee Hills - all regions from which we can offer you fine American wines.

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    Pacific sea breezes, mountain ranges of the cascade chain, vast valleys along mighty rivers - the beauty of nature is reflected in American wines. Taste US wine from overseas and let yourself be convinced of the symbiosis between traditional consciousness and modern wine school. Order your wines from America online, cheap and uncomplicated on VINELLO. Discover fine wines from California, Oregon and Washington to buy cheap. We make sure that your American wines survive the long journey safely and undamaged. Modern interpretations of European grape varieties, drawn from infinite possibilities. USA Wine at your wine store VINELLO - buy American wine!