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    Tempranillo - Spain's number one - is deep red, powerful and elegant national pride in red wine form. The most important red wine variety is cultivated and vinified almost all over Spain and Portugal, and is then called differently for regional reasons. This makes Tempranillo wine not only very tasty, but also quite complicated in the search.

    Tempranillo wine - the pride of Spain

    But whether the red wine is called Tempranillo, Tinta del País, Aragonés, Tinto Fino, Tinta Roriz, Cencibel, Valdepenas or Tinto de Toro - the red from the Iberian Peninsula is first class. And popular with locals, wine connoisseurs and our sommeliers. Because they have brought a select selection of Tempranillo red wines full of character, which make every drinking pleasure a lively experience. At VINELLO, your wine store for top-class liquid Iberian cultural assets, you can order your Tempranillo favourite online and have Spanish temperament delivered directly to your home at a reasonable price - take a siesta, we do the rest.

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    Tempranillo wines - harmony of contrasts

    The inhabitants of the Iberian Peninsula are a proud people. Proud of culture, proud of the Cocina, proud of their homeland. This is not Spain, these are small regional villages and rural areas. With different languages and characteristics. One thing connects them all. The love of Tempranillo. The most popular grape variety in Spain is everywhere, and is known everywhere under a different name. This damages the worldwide reputation of Tempranillo. Yet the Tempranillo red wine has every right to be one of the most famous red wines in the world.

    The Spaniards keep the regional pride, ideal climate for the Tempranillo also. With VINELLO, your wine trade for spirited, Spanish red wines, you go on a journey through a country of contrasts, which harmonize together - and press fabulous full red wine.

    Purple and premature - Tempranillo taste from the Kingdom of Spain

    The almost black berry of Tempranillo is quite small and ripens early. Hence the name Tempranillo; "little early one". The character of the red wine shines with its strong and fruity bouquet of blackberry, plum, currant, black cherry, raspberry and also violet. Completed in barrique barrels, Tempranillo wines enrich the nose with nuances of tobacco, leather and wood. The elegant body combines a multi-faceted, soft structure with mild tannins and a moderate acidity. With an alcohol content of approximately 11-13%, Tempranillo belongs to the moderate category. Despite the possible ageing potential of this long-lasting red wine, Tempranillo is drunk predominantly young.

    Tempranillo Origin - A Spanish affair

    Tempranillo is an autochthonous grape variety from Spain, probably from the Rioja region. The local grapes Benedicto and Albillo Mayor are the parents. Probably cultivated for the first time by monks in Rioja, the grape variety is now found all over Spain. Tempranillo vines are cultivated on a total of over 110,000 hectares of vineyards - more area than is dedicated to the entire wine cultivation in Germany. The grape grows and thrives in both cold and warm regions, demonstrating great adaptability and endurance. In La Rioja Tempranillo is the main variety, as well as in Ribera del Duero. There are also large stands of the dark grape in the regions of Penedès, La Mancha and Navarre. In Portugal the Tempranillo, here called Tinta de Roriz, can also be found in many places. Many winegrowing nations are experimenting with the grape, including France, Greece, Italy, Argentina and Chile. All over the world, the grape is cultivated on about 230,000 hectares. However, the quality of Spanish Tempranillo red wines is unmatched.

    In Spain alone, many styles of red wine differ. Tempranillo is often interpreted as an ingredient in cuvées. Popular blends are made with Garnacha, Cabernet Sauvignon, Mazuelo, Pinot Noir and the Monastrell. In the DOC Rioja this results in excellent light and fruity Rioja red wines. In the Ribera del Duero region the "Tinta del Pais" is vinified to a full and elegant wine. The DO Toro, with the Tinta de Toro, is known for pure and extraordinarily powerful Tempranillos.

    Our Tempranillo wine recommendations

    Montecillo Crianza 2012 DOCa - Bodegas Montecillo

    Cherry red. Spicy, powerful. These are red wines from La Rioja - this is the Montecillo Crianza. From one of the most important wine-growing areas in the world, this fruity, clear and dry red wine comes from the calcareous soil of the valleys, between the peaks of the Cordillera Cantabrica. After 18 months of aging in American barriques, Montecillo Crianza enchants the senses with fine aromas of cherry and blackberry. Perfectly balanced harmony in a magnificent red colour - wine from La Rioja.

    Pleno Tempranillo Tinto DO 2016 - Bodegas Agronavarra

    With the Pleno Tinto one can enjoy it for a long time. The cherry-red red wine from Navarre enchants the palate with its long finish - not typical for wines of this variety. The Pleno Tinto hides in its dark dress the characteristic aromas of Tempranillo; strawberry and raspberry. With a hint of sour cherry, the Pleno Tinto brings wonderfully brilliant colour with a strong body to your glass.

    Sembro Tinto Ribera del Duero DO 2016 - Finca El Quinon

    The Ribera del Duero wine region is known for its full-bodied and elegant taste - this is exactly what Sembro Tinto delivers. The voluminous bouquet of blackberry and black cherry, are complemented by sweet aromas of vanilla and caramel. The crimson Sembro Tinto from Ribera del Duero is ideal as a solo entertainer - and as proof of first-class red wines from Spain.

    Worth knowing for optimal drinking pleasure

    Tempranillo wines are something special. You have to experience it - with all your senses. And with all the tricks for optimal drinking pleasure. So that red wine also remains red wine.

    What is Tempranillo?

    Tempranillo is a dark red grape that is mainly grown in Spain and Portugal. The red wine from the Tempranillo grape is characterized by its spicy-fruity bouquet of blackberry, cherry and plum. Regional designations are responsible for the countless synonyms for the Tempranillo. In Ribera del Duero Tinta del País and Aragonés, in La Mancha Valdepeñas and Cencibel, in Portugal Tinta Roriz. Other synonyms are Ojo de Liebre, Tinto Fino, Tinta de Toro, Garnacho Fono, Negra de Mesa, Tinta Monteiro, Tinto Madrid and many more.

    Which food goes well with Tempranillo?

    Tempranillo red wine harmonizes with Spanish dishes like tortillas, paella and tapas. It also goes well with lamb dishes, pasta, hearty stews and minced meat.

    How to store Tempranillo red wine?

    Tempranillo wines are usually ready to drink when they are sold, so it is not worth storing them. A cool, dark cellar is suitable for short storage periods.

    What is the ideal drinking temperature for Tempranillo?

    16-18° Celsius is the ideal drinking temperature for a Tempranillo red wine.

    How long does an opened bottle of Tempranillo last?

    If you close the bottle with a cork and put the bottle in a cool place, Tempranillo red wines can be drunk for up to 7 days after opening. Longer storage is not advisable, as the aroma might otherwise flatten out.

    Buy Tempranillo online at VINELLO

    Bring sun-ripened Tempranillo red wines to your home. Discover our wide range of exquisite wines from Spain and buy your favourite wine online at low prices. Hardly ordered, your delivery is already on its way to you. Securely packed and insured, we deliver wherever you want. Because nothing is more important than to give your wine pleasure uncomplicated and easy into your hands. Vinello guarantees smooth drinking pleasure - with a Tempranillo in your hand and a smile on your lips.