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Perlé Rosé Riserva 1,5 l Magnum - Ferrari
Brioche, Blackberry, Grapefruit, Violets, Walnut and Vanilla
  • Dieser exklusive Spumante harmoniert hervorragend mit Mandelmilch-Gelee mit Litschis oder Pfirsich-Maracuja-Dessert
  • Der Ausbau im Flaschengärung macht diesen Spumante besonders leicht
  • Dieser italienische Spumante eignet sich erstklassig als eleganter Bankettwein / Schankwein

Perlé Rosé Riserva 1,5 l Magnum - Ferrari

Sparkling Wine Spumante Italy Italy Trentino-Alto Adige (IT)
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Perlé Rosé Riserva 1,5 l Magnum - Ferrari
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More information

The Perlé Rosé Riserva 1.5 l Magnum from the Trentino-Alto Adige wine-growing region has a brilliant, shimmering golden yellow color in the glass. The bubbles of this sparkling wine are extremely fine, elegant and long-lasting in the glass. This Italian sparkling wine also delights the eye with reflections When the wine glass is swirled, this sparkling wine is characterized by a wonderful lightness that makes it dance nimbly in the glass. This Ferrari sparkling wine reveals all kinds of grapefruit, grapefruit, pomelo, lemongrass and oranges to the nose. As if that wasn't already impressive, other aromas such as dark chocolate, black tea and vanilla are added.

The Perlé Rosé Riserva 1.5 l Magnum from Ferrari is ideal for all connoisseurs who like as little sweetness as possible in their wine. However, it is never austere or brittle, as you would naturally expect from a wine. On the palate, this light-footed sparkling wine is characterized by an incredibly light texture. On the finish, this sparkling wine from the Trentino-Alto Adige wine-growing region delights with its considerable length. Once again, there are hints of grapefruit and lemongrass.

Vinification of the Ferrari Perlé Rosé Riserva 1.5 l Magnum

The basis for the elegant Perlé Rosé Riserva 1.5 l Magnum from Trentino-Alto Adige are grapes from the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties. The Perlé Rosé Riserva 1.5 l Magnum is an Old World wine through and through, as this Italian wine exudes an extraordinary European charm that clearly underlines the success of wines from the Old World. After being harvested by hand, the grapes are immediately taken to the winery. Here they are sorted and carefully broken up. The base wines are then fermented. Once the cuvée has been blended, further ageing takes place using the classic bottle fermentation method. The Ferrari Perlé Rosé Riserva 1.5 l Magnum then matures for several months in the bottle and is finally disgorged.

Dining recommendation for the Perlé Rosé Riserva 1.5 l Magnum from Ferrari

Ideally, enjoy this sparkling wine from Italy well chilled at 8 - 10°C as an accompaniment to banana trifle in a glass, almond milk jelly with lychees or elderflower yoghurt ice cream with lemon balm.

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    Product type:
    Type of Wine:
    Sparkling Wine
    Style of Wine:
    Wine Color:
    Occasion and theme:
    banquet wine/ bulk wine , wedding , surprise connoisseurs , Mother`s Day , romantic dinner , Valentine's Day
    Cultivation area:
    Trentino-Alto Adige (IT)
    Grape Variety:
    Varietal blend
    bottle fermentation
    Finishing details:
    bottle fermentation , bottle-aged
    Brioche , Walnut , Blackberry , Grapefruit , Violets , Vanilla
    Mouthfeel/ Texture:
    Reverberation / Finale:
    Old World , classic , elegant , complex
    Optimal serving temperature in °C:
    8 - 10
    Food Pairing:
    Suitable wine glas:
    Sparkling wine glass
    Bottle size in l:
    1,5 Magnum
    Bottle Design & Features:
    classic , extravagant
    Champagne Cork
    storage capacity in years from the vintage year:
    Alcohol % ABV:
    Allergens and ingredients:
    Contains Sulphites and Sulphur Dioxide
    Gruppo F.lli Lunelli - Via del Ponte 15 - 38123 Trento - Italien
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