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Blackberry, Sour cherry, black currant, Grapefruit, Violets and Walnut
  • Dieser ausdruckstarke Spumante ergänzt vorzüglich Gerichte wie Wok-Gemüse mit Fisch oder Spaghetti mit Joghurt-Minz-Pesto
  • Der Ausbau im kleinen Holz und Flaschengärung macht diesen Spumante besonders vornehm
  • Ein idealer Spumante, ausgezeichnet zu Silvester oder zu Weihnachten

Vendemmia Rosé Brut Franciacorta DOCG 1,5 l Magnum - Bellavista

Sparkling Wine Spumante Italy Italy Lombardy (IT) Franciacorta DOCG (IT)
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Vendemmia Rosé Brut Franciacorta DOCG 1,5 l Magnum - Bellavista
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More information

The barrel-aged Vendemmia Rosé Brut Franciacorta 1.5 l Magnum from the wine-growing region of Lombardy presents itself in the glass in a brilliantly shimmering golden yellow. The bubbles of this sparkling wine are extremely fine, elegant and long-lasting in the glass. On closer inspection, this sparkling wine also reveals charming highlights. Swirling the wine glass, this spumante is characterized by a fascinating lightness that makes it dance with verve in the glass. The first nose of the Vendemmia Rosé Brut Franciacorta 1.5 l Magnum reveals notes of kumquats, apples and quinces. The fruity parts of the bouquet are joined by notes of barrel ageing such as walnut, brittle and whole nut chocolate.

The Bellavista Vendemmia Rosé Brut Franciacorta 1.5 l Magnum impresses with its elegantly dry taste. It was bottled with exceptionally low residual sugar. This is a genuine quality wine that clearly stands out from simpler qualities and so, despite its dryness, this Italian naturally delights with the finest balance. Taste does not necessarily need residual sugar. On the palate, the texture of this light-footed spumante is wonderfully melting and velvety. On the finish, this storable spumante from the Lombardy wine-growing region impresses with its considerable length. Once again, there are hints of gooseberry and plum.

Vinification of the Vendemmia Rosé Brut Franciacorta 1.5 l Magnum from Bellavista

This elegant sparkling wine from Italy is made from the Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grape varieties. Of course, the Vendemmia Rosé Brut Franciacorta 1.5 l Magnum is also defined by more than just the Franciacorta DOCG base. This Italian can be described as an Old World wine in the best sense of the word, presenting itself with exceptional elegance. After the harvest, the grapes are quickly brought to the winery. Here they are selected and carefully crushed. This is followed by fermentation of the base wines. Once the cuvée has been assembled, further ageing takes place using the classic bottle fermentation method. The Bellavista Vendemmia Rosé Brut Franciacorta 1.5 l Magnum then matures on the lees for 60 months.

Suggestions for Bellavista Vendemmia Rosé Brut Franciacorta 1.5 l Magnum

This sparkling wine from Italy is best enjoyed chilled at 8 - 10°C. It is the perfect accompaniment to vegetable stew with pesto, leek tortilla or omelette with salmon and fennel.

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    Product type:
    Type of Wine:
    Sparkling Wine
    Style of Wine:
    Wine Color:
    Occasion and theme:
    gift for good friends , wedding , romantic dinner , New Year's Eve , Valentine's Day , Father's Day , Christmas
    Cultivation area:
    Lombardy (IT)
    Sub region:
    Franciacorta DOCG (IT)
    Grape Variety:
    Varietal blend
    small barrel , bottle fermentation
    Finishing details:
    bottle fermentation
    Maturation time in mon.:
    Quality Classification & Rating:
    DOCG Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita
    Harvesting method:
    Walnut , Blackberry , Sour cherry , black currant , Grapefruit , Violets
    Mouthfeel/ Texture:
    melt-in-the-mouth , velvety
    Reverberation / Finale:
    Old World , classic , elegant
    Optimal serving temperature in °C:
    8 - 10
    Food Pairing:
    Light dishes , bright, hearty dishes
    Suitable wine glas:
    Sparkling wine glass
    Bottle size in l:
    1,5 Magnum
    Bottle Design & Features:
    classic , modern
    Champagne Cork
    Alcohol % ABV:
    Allergens and ingredients:
    Contains Sulphites and Sulphur Dioxide
    Cantina Bellavista - Via Bellavista 5 - 25030 Erbusco BS - Italien
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