Gabriel Boudier Dijon

Gabriel Boudier, the history of a region and strong values

The history of Maison Gabriel Boudier began in 1874 with the foundation of a factory. It is the story of a passion, commitment and dedication to the Dijon region that contributed to the creation of the brand. SO, the term "Crème de Cassis de Dijon" soon became a protected geographical name that has been recognised all over the world.

In 1909 Gabriel Boudier took over the Fontobonne factory, founded in 1874, and gave it its name. He founded the company in Boulevard Strassbourg in Dijon and continued to develop the company untiringly until his death in 1918. In 1936 his widow sells the Maison, the new owner, the Battault family, decides to keep the trade name because it has already become synonymous with quality and renown. In 1969 the new location was established, which is still located in the Rue de Cluji in Dijon.

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More information about Gabriel Boudier Dijon

Company Name:Boudier Gabriel Ets SA
Street:14 Rue de Cluji
City:21000 Dijon
Contact & Internet
Telephone:+33 3 80 74 33 33
Gabriel Boudier Dijon
Year of Incorporation:1909
Company Group:Boudier Gabriel Ets SA
Company Owner:Familie Battault
Managing Director:François Battault & Yves Battault