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Karmelgebirge Wein

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Mare White 2020 - Maia Winery Mare White 2020 - Maia Winery
White wine dry Israel Karmelgebirge (ISR)
Mare Red 2018 - Maia Winery Mare Red 2018 - Maia Winery
Red wine dry Israel Karmelgebirge (ISR)
Haderech Halevana 2016 - Somek Winery Haderech Halevana 2016 - Somek Winery
White wine dry Israel Karmelgebirge (ISR)
Carignan 2015 - Somek Winery Carignan 2015 - Somek Winery
Red wine dry Israel Karmelgebirge (ISR)
Misgav Viognier - Kishor Winery
Misgav Viognier - Kishor Winery
White wine dry Israel Karmelgebirge (ISR)
Syrah 2017 - Kishor Winery Syrah 2017 - Kishor Winery
Red wine dry Israel Karmelgebirge (ISR)
Granache Syrah Mourvedre 2019 - Kishor Winery Granache Syrah Mourvedre 2019 - Kishor Winery
Red wine dry Israel Karmelgebirge (ISR)

Wine from the Golan Heights - coveted since time immemorial 

Since the dawn of time, ever since the Bible taught us to drink wine, viticulture has been a constant part of the culture there. No matter which people it is. Because taste is debatable, but all the better to toast to it - enjoy an even grandiose glass of wine from the Golan Heights.

Wine from Israeli settlements

Wine from the Middle East - that is tradition, history and modernity at the same time. What used to be mass wines for religious ceremonies are, thanks to the strengthening of viticulture from the 19th century onwards, quality wines that play in a league with the best from Europe and overseas. On the approximately 5000 hectares of Israeli vineyards for wine, pure and powerful red wines, fresh and filigree white wines and exquisite sparkling wines are produced, all vinified from noble grape varieties of the old world. Cultivated viticulture is made possible by the high altitudes on which the usually dry and hot climate is tempered by cool winds and precipitation. Together with the proximity to the Mediterranean Sea, a Mediterranean climate develops in the high altitudes, which offers ideal conditions for grape varieties of all colours to grow and thrive in full splendour.

Grape varieties and wines of Israeli viticulture

Viniculture in Israel, perhaps apart from Argaman, does not have any native grape varieties and therefore relies completely on the cultivation of imported grape varieties. Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay, Sauvignon blanc, Syrah and Merlot in particular produce excellent results and deserve awards from the highest authorities. A result that is due to the modern understanding of quality wine and innovative cultivation and cellar work. A trend-setting movement that has recently brought Israeli wine to the radar of all kinds of wine connoisseurs. As a result, the portfolio of Israeli wine enjoyment no longer knows any limits. From red wine and white wine to dessert wine and fortified wine - wine from Israel stands for diversity and openness. 

Kosher Wine

Wine from Israel is often a great unknown to many people outside the country. Perhaps because Israeli wine is often kosher and can thus be found in the trade under specialities and therefore in other corners than conventional wine. The addition of kosher in the context of wine is based only on a few interventions that do not specifically distinguish Israeli wine from other wines. The wine only has to meet three conditions to be considered kosher:

  • The grapes may only be harvested from the 4th year of the vine's existence. It is also necessary to take a harvest break every 7 years.
  • The tools for harvesting and vinifications must be cleaned under the supervision of a rabbi.
  • Part of the profit must be given away. Often a small percentage is poured away as a symbolic gesture.

Our VINELLO recommendation

Yarden Mount Hermon Red - Golan Heights Winery

This purple cuvée from Golan Heights Winery combines charming aromas of sour cherries, blackberries, plums and forest berries with a smooth and fruity body. Every sip of this dry red wine is rounded off by an elegant acid composition from Galilee's coldest appellation at 1200 metres. Matured both in steel tanks and barrique barrels, the Yarden Mount Hermon Red invites you to a cosy glass for many occasions.

Wine from Israel

Wines from the Golan Heights may not be declared as wines from Israel. Under European Union international law, the territories occupied by Israel since June 1967 have not been recognised as part of the State of Israel. These include the Golan Heights. And since the designation of origin must be both correct and not misleading, the designation wine from Israel is not permitted for wines from the Golan Heights. Alternatively, wines from the Golan Heights may be called the "product of the Golan Heights (Israeli settlement)".

Buy Israeli wine cheap online

Enjoyment has nothing to do with politics. That's a good thing, because wine is there for everyone, doesn't lie and is easy and inexpensive to buy online at VINELLO. So order noble and internationally recognized red wines and white wines from Israeli territory. Discover the delicious variety the Golan Heights has to offer. Simply order online and benefit from our fast, insured and climate-neutral delivery. Kosher Israeli wine on VINELLO - pop a cork, pour, LeChaim!