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Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra En Rama 0,5 l - La Chinata Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra En Rama 0,5 l - La Chinata
Spain Extremadura (ES)
- Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra 0,5 l - La Chinata
Spain Extremadura (ES)

History of La Chinata

La Chinata Still Life

The history of La Chinata dates back to 1932, when the forefathers began to mill the olives of the Sierra de Gata region. At that time, oil was extracted from very rudimentary mills. The olives were crushed in stone or rock mills to obtain a paste, which was later put into a press to extract the olive oil. Layers of pasta were formed, separated by circular plates known as capachos. They were then placed in a press and the olive oil was pressed. Later, the oil was decanted to separate the plant water, as the water and the remains of the olives were called.
Today La Chinata has the most modern milling and pressing systems, which can extract much more oil from the olives in a clean and controlled way, purely mechanically, and this is done to guarantee the quality of the extra virgin olive oil.
Your long experience in working with olive oil, in which you are already in the fourth generation, has given you the necessary knowledge to use and make the most of the qualities of Extra Virgin Olive Oil as an ingredient in cosmetics. Now you have a wide range of cosmetic products based on the natural properties of extra virgin olive oil and the ancestral uses of ancient civilizations for olive oil.

La Chinata Headquarters

La Chinata daily business

La Chinata has an average workforce of about 30 employees and its main activity is the production and packaging of edible oils. In terms of packaged volume of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, La Chinata are among the top 10 Spanish companies in this segment in the national market. Today La Chinata collaborates with more than 35 countries, most of them from Europe, but also from America and Asia.

La Chinata Olive Harvest

La Chinata research for special clientele

In order to meet the requirements of modern gastronomy, La Chinata has been studying the frying process with different oils for many years and, as a result of this intensive research, has developed several vegetable oils for professional use for the market. So that the requirements of frying with olive oil in professional gastronomy and in the food industry are covered.

La Chinata Olive Grove

More information about La Chinata

Company Name:La Chinata
Street:Avda. Alemania, 9
City:10600 Plasencia
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:+34 927 41 79 58