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    One should celebrate the parties as they comel, preferably with a liqueur. Whether herbal, cream, egg, chocolate or fruit liqueur - this aromatic spirit meets every taste. Because there's really enough of liqueur. Depending on your mood and liqueur, a wide variety of ingredients are combined to a harmonious and tasty liquid. Freedom reflects in diversity. Each liqueur is unique, only a prescribed sugar content of at least 100 grams per liter is mandatory, the rest is up to us. Celebrate, enjoy the moment, serve liqueur. One more, and that's it. All right. Cheers!

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    International liqueurs

    All right, one more. At the beginning liquer was a remedy which caused quite the furore in Europe since the 13th century. Once again it has to show what it is made of. Liqueurs are either spirits based on distillates, brandy, rum, whisky or vodka, which are enriched with flavours by various processes. The result is a more or less sweet liqueur, which is convincing both pure and as part of cocktails. Wherever your head is, liqueur has the right answer. Sometimes creamy, sometimes spicy, sometimes fruity - always sweet and rich, the liqueur meanders over the palate and leads to the pleasant feeling of having tasted something special, a little liqueur worthy of the moment.

    Production of a liqueur

    In order to produce a first-class liqueur, the distillers use four possible processes to enrich the taste of the neutral alcohol with spice, freshness and all kinds of ingredients.

    • Maceration: The ingredients are poured into the alcohol and left there for several weeks. During this period, the neutral alcohol extracts the flavours of the ingredients. Finally, the mixture is filtered, aged and bottled.
    • Digestion: During this hot extraction the ingredients are added to the alcohol. The mixture is heated so that the flavours of the ingredients can fully unfold.
    • Percolation: Percolation is a somewhat more complex process, in which the alcohol escapes in gaseous form through several sieves filled with the ingredients. The gaseous alcohol becomes liquid again at the end and therefore contains all the ingredients that he has passed through.
    • Distillation: During distillation, both alcohol and aromatic substances are reunited in gaseous form by heating the mash and in the desired dose by condensation.

    According to EU directives, liqueur must have a sugar content of at least 100 grams per litre to be allowed to be called liqueur. The alcohol content, on the other hand, is loosely defined. It may be between 15 and 40% vol., with some liqueurs both above and below. In addition there are crèmes, containing at least 250 grams of sugar per litre, and crème de cassis, with as much as 400 grams per litre.

    Pure or for mixing - liqueur is open for everything and everyone

    Whether at parties, with friends or at aprés ski - liqueurs always get well received, are very accessible and surprise again and again, also because a bottle is drunk up faster than you think. We have compiled an excellent selection of high-quality liqueurs from all over the world: Creamy coffee liqueur from Germany, sweet egg liqueur from Italy, spicy single malt liqueur from Ireland, aromatic mango liqueur from Spain or intense herbal liqueur from the Netherlands. You'll love these liqueurs, so how about another glas?

    Perfectly served liqueur

    For the perfect interaction of all ingredients we recommend a drinking temperature of 18°C. Serve your liqueur in a matching liqueur glass so that the aromas can unfold to perfection. Follow these little tips and enjoy liqueur on special occasions - in other words, all the time.

    Buy liqueur online

    Order your exquisite selection of fine tasting liqueurs today and discover the diversity of an internationally sought-after spirit. Simply order online, pay in a variety of ways and expect a fast and insured delivery. Soon you will have an illustrious range of liqueurs for friends, family and parties. Summer, autumn or winter - it's always time for delicious liqueurs. Buy it cheap, taste it at home. Well then. Cheers!