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    Lugana wines from Lake Garda - holidays according to your taste

    Let yourself float on the azure waters of Lake Garda and you may come across the picturesque shores of Sirmione. Surrounded by the hilly vineyards between Desenzano and Peschiera, you can enjoy life with sun, food and a glass of the world-famous Lugana wine. Awarded the D.O.C. seal in 1967, lovers of this vital and dry white wine will find here exclusive specialities that can delight the palate with sparkling and mineral freshness under the strictest controls. And Lugana white wines have been doing this for decades. Let's go on an illustrious journey through the Lugana region and explore a culinary masterpiece from northern Italy. Join VINELLO - your wine trade for Lugana white wine between sun, water and pleasure.

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    Popular, coveted, ready for you

    The D.O.C. seal of quality lines the labels of the best Lugana wines. And not without reason. The fresh and dry white wine is considered one of the flagships of Italian wine. Locally vinified and popular worldwide, the approximately 160 winegrowers, on an area of about 700 hectares, hardly keep up with the great demand. The strict requirements are one reason why Lugana wine leaves the province between Lombardy and Veneto only in small quantities. Therefore, you can quickly and cheaply secure your exquisite selection of wonderful Lugana wines, also as a wine pack, and enjoy a piece of holiday wherever and whenever you like.

    Lugana D.O.C.

    The Lugana wine growing area is nestled in the hills around the beautiful city of Sirmione. Here the indigenous and ancient grape variety Trebbiano finds ideal soils and mild climate, which give the white wine its incomparable liveliness and vital fruit acidity. Trebbiano, also Trebbiano di Soave or Trebbiano di Lugana, make up at least 90% of Lugana wine. Furthermore, only local grape varieties may be added to comply with the strict guidelines of the Lugana D.O.C.. The cuvée from Trebbiano and Chardonnay is therefore also very popular. The success of the best Lugana white wines has existed for years and holds a firm place in the tastes of the world.

    Dolce Vita - dry Lugana

    In the straw-yellow to greenish body, minerale influences harmonize with fruity hints, which together produce a soft and lively white wine. Fruity notes of apricot, pear, apple and citrus complement aromatic notes of nuts, rose and grass. After just a few seconds in the glass, a floral bouquet rises into the nose and releases the vital fruit acid, which can be discovered in the long aftertaste after the first sip. The relatively low alcohol content of about 11 to 13% vol. together with the high sugar content makes you want more and serves as an exquisite thirst quencher on sunny days.

    Our VINELLO recommendation

    San Benedetto Lugana DOC 2017 - Zenato

    Smooth, finely spicy, harmonious - a Lugana wine as it should be. The winery Zenato pours us a straw-yellow and floral white wine, which will captivate you with fine flowers and summer fruits. Whether as an aperitif or just lying on the couch to enjoy, the San Benedetto Lugana has not only a melodious name, it's also a tasty experience.
    6 wine pack - Lugana wines from Lake Garda

    If your holiday is already booked and you do not want to miss the sunny and sweet life of Lake Garda, we have put together for you the Lugana tasting package with 6 fine dry white wines from Italy. Every single bottle with an individual character for a high-quality variety for your wine cellar. So your holiday can go on longer. Order your six-pack of the finest Lugana wines from Lake Garda - Salute!

    Interesting facts about Lugana wine

    What is Lugana Wine?
    Lugana wine is a dry white wine from the Lugana region on Lake Garda. Under the D.O.C. Lugana label, you will find white wines with at least 90% Trebbiano, a grape variety with a small and reduced harvest. This makes Lugana wine a precious and rare speciality, which normally matures in stainless steel tanks for 6 months. Lugana wine is divided into three categories:

    • Lugana has an alcohol content of at least 11% vol. and an extract content of 15 g per l. Characteristic of Lugana are fine fruity and floral notes.
    • Lugana Superiore wines start with an alcohol content of at least 12% vol. and mature 1 full year in steel tanks.
    • Lugana Riserva is vinified from riper and more aromatic vines and therefore contains more extract than the Superiore.

    What goes well with Lugana wine?
    As a white wine from Italy, Lugana harmonises with Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Pizza, pasta and rice dishes such as risotto complement the fruity and soft character of Lugana wine. Fish and salads are also suitable companions.

    How to serve Lugana wine?
    The ideal drinking temperature of a Lugana white wine is between 8-11° C.

    How long does an open bottle of Lugana wine last?
    Depending on how fast you drink it. Otherwise, close the bottle with the cork firmly and put it in the refrigerator. If the bottle is still relatively full, it will last up to 5 days. The lower the level, the shorter the shelf life. Once you reach half of it, the Lugana white wine will last about 3 days.

    How do you store Lugana wine?
    Although Lugana wine is usually drunk young, it can be stored for 2-3 years. Storage should be in a cool, dark and temperature-resistant place. During storage, a Lugana wine can gain golden reflections as well as complexity and elegance.

    Buy Lugana wine cheap online

    Enjoy the fine selection of Lugana wines, the popular white wine speciality from Lake Garda. Whether as a single bottle, in a box of 6 or as a wine pack, with a diverse collection of first-class wines - at VINELLO.de you can order high-quality and low-priced Lugana wines simply and easily. Browse through our wine cellar and buy your Lugana wine cheaply. We will send your favourites by insured and climate-neutral shipping wherever you want. Simply order and enjoy a piece of holiday online. On VINELLO.de - your wine trade for cheap trips to almost all wine-growing regions of the world.