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    Montes Chile

    The Montes winery in Chile

    Wines named Montes come from the southwest of the South American continent, from Montagne, a magnificent part of the Andes in Chile. Chile has long been a byword among connoisseurs for wines. The name Montes for the wines from this region derives not only from the name of the mountains, but also from the oenologist Aurelio Montes.

    The first vines from France were imported into Montagne as early as the 19th century and the first respectable wines from the fruits were matured. Aurelio Montes founded the Montes winery in 1988 with three colleagues. The wines grown in the Montes winery are among the highest quality levels for Chilean wines.

    Montes wines stand for highest demands

    A major part of this success is due to Aurelio Montes, who trained winegrowers from different regions of Chile to produce the best Montes wines. The knowledge and experience of Aurelio Montes and his winegrowers are the basis for the excellent wines de Gutes Discover Wines in the Curicó Valley. The grape juice produced here has been representing the best Chilean wine culture since the 1980s.

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    More information about Montes Chile

    Company Name:Montes S.A.
    Street:Parcela 15
    Continent:South America
    Contact & Web
    Telephone:+56 72 281 7815
    Fax:+56 281 7618
    Montes Chile
    Year of Incorporation:1988
    Company Owner:Aurelio Montes
    Cultivated Area:Colchagua Valley