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Winegrowing in Aconcagua between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean

To the east of the wine region lies the Cerro Aconcagua, at 6961 metres the highest mountain on the American double continent. The Aconcagua wine region stretches between its foothills and the Pacific coast. From here originate Chardonnays and Sauvignon Blancs, Merlots and Cabernet Sauvignons, which are becoming increasingly popular, in no small part in Germany, thanks to their high quality.

Wine-Region Aconcagua: climatic diversity ensures a varied range of wines

The Aconcagua wine region is located about 80 kilometers north of the state capital Santiago de Chile. It is divided into the subregions Aconcagua Valley, Casablanca Valley, San Antonio and Leyda. The Aconcagua Valley is the furthest inland and is crossed by the Aconcagua River. It has a hot dry climate and the soil ranges from sandy to rocky.

The precipitation of only 215 millimetres would not be sufficient for wine growing alone. For irrigation, the winegrowers therefore use the meltwater of the river, in whose immediate vicinity there are many vineyards. The Aconcagua Valley is famous for its exquisite red wines from Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère.

The other three sub-regions are located closer to the Pacific coast and are characterized by a much cooler climate influenced by the Humboldt Current. The amount of precipitation is, at 540 millimetres per year, much higher than further inland and the terroir also differs considerably. It is much heavier and clayey here. The cultivation conditions near the coast are particularly beneficial for the red Pinot Noir and the white varieties Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay.

Due to the lower temperatures, the grapes have enough time during the year to ripen and develop their aroma. However, the temperatures also pose a challenge for the winegrowers in the Casablanca Valley, San Antonio and Leyda. It is not unusual for vines to be lost due to severe frost.

Aconcagua wine region

Aconcagua is the northernmost of the five wine regions in Chile. Wine has been grown here since 1870. However, many wineries in the region are more recent and were only established in the 1980s or 1990s. The wine region owes its name to the almost 7000 meter high mountain Aconcagua and the river of the same name.

Wineries in Aconcagua

The first winery in the Aconcagua wine region was founded in 1870 by Don Maximiano Errázuriz. It is still operating today under the name Viña Errazuriz S.A. and produces excellent wines from French grapes such as Cabernet Sauvignons and Carménère. The name is closely linked to the premium segment of Chilean wine production. At VINELLO, for example, Viña Errazuriz S.A. is represented by the exquisite dry red wine Kai Carmenére.

The fact that it is also possible to earn a good reputation without a time-honored name is proven by the Viñedos Veramonte winery in the Casablanca Valley, which was only established in 1990. Here excellent white wines such as the Veramonte Cruz Andina Sauvignon Blanc and the Veramonte Chardonnay are produced, but also full-bodied dry red wines such as the Veramonte Ritual Pinot Noir. Among the other well-known wineries in the wine region are:

  • Baron Philippe de Rothschild Maipo
  • Don Melchor - Concha y Toro
  • Miguel Torres Chile
  • Terra Noble

Interesting facts about Aconcagua

How much Aconcagua wine is produced per year?

About 20 million liters of Aconcagua wine are produced per year. This volume corresponds to approximately 15% of Chilean wine production per year.

How big is the area under vines in the Aconcagua wine region?

The area under vines is about 3,500 hectares and is comparable to the Hessian wine region Rheingau (about 3,200 hectares). The Casablanca Valley accounts for the largest share. The remaining area under vines is divided between the sub-regions, San Antonio, Aconcagua Valley and Lyda.

Which red grape varieties are cultivated in the Aconcagua wine region?

The main red grape varieties are Cabernet Sauvignon and Carménère. In addition, País, Pinot Noir, Merlot and Syrah (Shiraz) are also grown.

Which white grape varieties are grown in the Aconcagua wine region?

Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay are the main white varieties in Aconcagua. Furthermore, Riesling is also cultivated on the vineyards of the region.

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