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  • Mulled Wine - stimulant for frosty days

    Mulled wine time is easy to recognize; the beanies get thicker, the nose absorbs the smell of pastries from the warm swaths of the kitchens and people are faster every day when it comes to finding the perfect gift. Perfect gift? Simply mulled wine. Sweet, heady and a warming feeling on top. Must be the much quoted spirit of Christmas. Nope, it's just delicious mulled wine in the warm hands.

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    Mulled wine - year after year

    So off we go into the cold season with a red or white mulled wine, ready to heat up. But be careful: Do not heat above 80° C. That's so important I'll write it again. Do not heat above 80°! Otherwise the alcohol will escape and the taste will suffer as well. Mulled wine is indispensable for cosy winter days and nights and tastes both family and friends. So buy mulled wine, heat it up (80°C maximum) and celebrate your own legendary Christmas market.

    Mulled wine taste

    The fragrant taste of a dark red mulled wine traditionally consists of fine red wine, peels of ripe orange or lemon, cloves, cinnamon, star anise and sugar. Sweet and fruity with a hint of pastry. Beyond that, there are no limits to creativity. Vanilla, coriander and macis blossoms give the mulled wine a certain freshness kick. White mulled wines made from fine and sweet white wine, which shine brightly in the cup but are just as tasty, are also becoming increasingly popular.

    Caution: The demand for hot mulled wine is so high that the quality suffers due to the high quantity. Mediocre red wine is mixed with sugar and juice to conceal the lack of quality. Our offer of vegan organic mulled wine and mulled wine directly from the vineyard does not include such additions in the bottle. At VINELLO you will only find high-quality mulled wine from exquisite and beastly good winegrowers.

    Our VINELLO recommendation

    Weißer Winzer-Glühwein Mansion Feuerzauber 1,0 l - Lergenmüller

    The traditional Lergenmüller Winery enchants the gourmets even on cool days. Because with the Feuerzauber the winery, which has been active for over 400 years, succeeds in producing an extraordinary white mulled wine with a sublime personality. Taste that is unparalleled. The mulled wine comes to you ready to drink and with a fine sweetness. Also available as red mulled wine, can also be enjoyed cold.

    Roter Bio-Glühwein - Heißer Hirsch

    Organic, vegan, beastly delicious. The Heißer Hirsch conquers the Christmas markets of the nation and satisfies the groaning palates and the cold hands. Get authentic and tasty red mulled wine from the pack from the Black Forest for your home. Noble Merlot from organic cultivation, refined with selected ingredients and a good portion of self-confidence, will also convince your taste. Pick up the scent - there are hot deer in circulation.

    Buy Mulled wine cheap online

    Winter is always just around the corner, as are the trembling friends, who are certainly not averse to high-quality mulled wine. Discover how fine mulled wine can be and order your favourite, as a single bottle or in a wine package, from VINELLO. Shop safely and benefit from insured and climate-neutral delivery. We send your bottles protected wherever you want and offer you numerous payment methods. Buy mulled wine according to your taste and survive the dark season with a sweet quality mulled wine. Or whenever you want. Your decision, your mulled wine, your wine trade VINELLO.

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