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Muskateller trocken - Ökonomierat Rebholz
Peach, Green apple, Hibiscus flower, Vanilla and Nutmeg
  • Dieser Weißwein aus Muskateller Trauben passt ausgezeichnet zu Gemüsesalat mit roter Beete oder fruchtigen Endiviensalat
  • Dem Genießer zeigt sich dieser Wein aus der Pfalz lebendig und geradlinig
  • Ein idealer Weißwein, perfekt unter anderem zum Picknick oder zum Valentinstag

Muskateller trocken - Ökonomierat Rebholz

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Muskateller trocken - Ökonomierat Rebholz
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The Muskateller from Ökonomierat Rebholz in the Palatinate reveals a brilliant, light yellow color in the wine glass. When swirling the glass, this white wine is characterized by a fascinating brilliance that makes it dance nimbly in the glass. In the glass, this white wine from Ökonomierat Rebholz presents aromas of nectarines, peaches, apples, vineyard peaches and apricots, complemented by cocoa bean, gingerbread spice and cinnamon. The Muskateller from Ökonomierat Rebholz is perfect for those who like it dry. However, it never appears sparse or brittle, as one would naturally expect from a wine in this price range. On the tongue, this light-footed white wine is characterized by an incredibly light and crisp texture. Due to its vital fruit acid, the Muskateller is wonderfully fresh and lively on the palate. The final of this white wine from the wine-growing region of the Palatinate, more precisely from Siebeldingen, finally impresses with considerable reverberation. The finish is also accompanied by mineral facets of the soils dominated by sandstone.

Vinification of the Ökonomierat Rebholz Muskateller

The basis for the elegant Muskateller from the Palatinate are grapes from the grape variety Muskateller. The grapes grow under optimal conditions in the Palatinate. The vines here dig their roots deep into soils of sandstone. Muscat is an Old World wine in the best sense of the word, as this German wine breathes an extraordinary European charm that clearly underscores the success of Old World wines. The development of the grapes for this wine from Muskateller is influenced to an undeniable extent by the climate of the growing region. In the Palatinate, the grapes thrive in a rather cool climate, which is reflected, among other things, in particularly long and even grapes and a rather moderate must weight. At the time of optimal ripeness, the grapes for Muskateller are harvested exclusively by hand without the help of coarse and less selective grape harvesters. After the harvest, the grapes are quickly taken to the pressing house. Here they are sorted and carefully broken up. Fermentation then takes place in stainless steel tanks at controlled temperatures. Fermentation is followed by aging on the fine lees for several months before the wine is finally drawn into bottles.

Food recommendation for the Muskateller from Ökonomierat Rebholz

Drink this biodynamic white wine from Germany ideally moderately chilled at 11 - 13°C as an accompanying wine to asparagus salad with quinoa, omelet with salmon and fennel or coconut-lime fish curry.


Product type:
Type of Wine:
White wine
Wine Color:
Occasion and theme:
balcony/ patio , barbecue , party , picnic , summer-wine , Valentine's Day
Wine acidity in g/l:
Residual sugar in g/l:
Cultivation area:
Palatinate (DE)
Sub region:
Siebeldingen (DE)
Grape Variety:
stainless steel tank
Finishing details:
stainless steel tank
Quality Classification & Rating:
Q.b.A. Qualitätswein bestimmter Anbaugebiete
Soils & Special layers:
Harvesting method:
Hibiscus flower , Peach , Green apple , Vanilla , Nutmeg
Mouthfeel/ Texture:
light , crisp
Reverberation / Finale:
Old World , Cool Climate Winegrowing Region
Optimal serving temperature in °C:
11 - 13
Food Pairing:
Light dishes
Suitable wine glas:
White wine glass
Bottle size in l:
Bottle Design & Features:
Schlegel bottle , classic
Stelvin Screw Cap
Alcohol % ABV:
Allergens and ingredients:
Contains Sulphites and Sulphur Dioxide
Weingut Ökonomierat Rebholz - Weinstraße 54 - 76833 Siebeldingen - Deutschland