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    Around the Mediterranean Sea, olive oil is inseparably linked to the Mediterranean cuisine. In addition, olive oil is supposed to have health and cosmetic attributes. Tastes good, does good, is good - it is simply worth having olive oil in the house. And since wineries in Spain, Italy and France also have olive groves in addition to the vineyards, it goes without saying for VINELLO to delight you with this fine delicacy. Exquisite olive oils from precocious olives, hand-picked, carefully processed and cold-pressed. Pure enjoyment in green to golden yellow - just extra virgin olive oil on VINELLO. From the gourmet delicacies trade for gourmets.

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    Olive oil - that certain extra

    In our exquisite selection of olive oils you will only find olive oils of the highest quality. Because there are already enough olive oils with a rancid, bitter and flat taste. The aim is to experience the taste of the olive with every drop and to get to know the nuances of green apples, ripe tomatoes, fresh rosemary, earthy nuts and spicy herbs that make each olive oil unique. As with wine, it is not only the fruits that form the bouquet, but also the terroir on which the olive trees thrive. Sometimes it gets strong, sometimes mild, sometimes earthy, sometimes sweet. The optimal application for each oil is therefore varied in taste. A small spoon is enough to elevate any dish and complement the accompanying wine.

    Quality characteristics and production of olive oil

    Olive oil is a pure product of nature and is obtained exclusively by mechanical processes. The olives are shaken from the tree by hand or machine shortly before ripening, for example between November and January, and processed as quickly as possible. Branches, leaves or other foreign objects that have fallen from the olive tree are sorted out during washing. The fruits are ground completely. The result is a coarse pulp which is cold-extracted in olive oil and pomace with the help of a centrifuge. It is also possible to press the olive paste, but it is not very popular in the production of high-quality olive oil. In both cases, the extracted olive oil is ready for sale but can be refined with herbs such as thyme or oregano.

    The quality of an olive oil is strongly dependent on the time of harvest, but also by the careful handling of the fruit. The elaborate manual harvest, which often only occurs on small family farms, is therefore perfectly suited for an ideal and undamaged yield, which later results in perfect olive oil. The rapid processing of the young harvest prevents the fermentation process in the olive, which would have a negative effect on the aroma.

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil

    The quality class Extra Virgin Olive Oil guarantees the highest quality and exclusively mechanical processes. Translated, Native Extra simply means natural olive oil of the best quality.

    • Native: In the production of olive oil, producers only use mechanical processes such as cold extraction or cold pressing.
    • Extra: If olive oil is recommended due to its taste, structure and above all acidity, it deserves the title extra - translated simply highest quality.

    The acidity plays an important role in the quality of the olive oil. For the quality grade Extra Virgin, the acid content and thus the free fatty acids may not exceed 0.8%. The lower the value, the higher the quality of the olive oil. Rotten and overripe olives, on the other hand, result in a high acidity. This quality level is valid throughout Europe. Pay attention to these names when buying olive oil:

    • Germany: Natives Olivenöl Extra
    • Spain: Aceite de oliva virgen extra
    • Italy: Olio extra vergine di oliva
    • France: Huile d'olive vierge extra

    Around the Mediterranean - Olive oil producing countries

    Olive oil is traditionally a product from the Mediterranean. Every country with a coast on the Mare Mediterraneum also has olive groves stocked with indigenous varieties of olives. The main producers of olive oil within the European Union are Spain, Italy, Greece, Portugal and France. Outside the EU, Tunisia, Morocco, Syria, Turkey and Algeria are considered important olive growers.

    Although Spain cultivates far more olives than Italy, Italian olive oil is considered the best the market has to offer. To meet the high demand for olive oil from Italy, Italian companies buy olive oil from neighbouring countries, fill it and market it as olive oil from Italy. Therefore, play it safe and buy the best olive oil from conscientious producers and enjoy fine olive oil from Spain, Italy and France.

    Interesting facts about olive oil

    What is olive oil?

    Olive oil is a vegetable oil from the flesh and stone of the olive. Olive oil is excellent for cooking and finishing food. The highest quality level and at the same time the only one you will find in the trade is the extra virgin olive oil.

    How long does olive oil last?

    Olive oil can be stored unopened for at least 2 years, correctly stored for even longer. Olive oil should be stored dark, cool, temperature-resistant and protected from light. Even an opened bottle will last for years if stored correctly and kept away from sunlight. Direct contact with the sun accelerates the aging process of the oil - this is also the reason why olive oil is sold in dark bottles or opaque canisters.

    How to recognize good olive oil?

    Besides the production and smell usually at the price. But basically there is only one criterion for the best olive oils - your taste.

    Buy olive oil online

    Treat yourself to deliciously aromatic olive oils that give every dish that extra flavor - just extra virgin olive oil. Buy cheaply on VINELLO and from now on garnish the day with the golden olive oil. In our exquisite selection of high-quality and carefully produced olive oils you will always find a delicious addition to your delicatessen cabinet. Order online and expect your first-class olive oil by insured and climate-neutral shipping. Buy fruity and natural olive oil from the finest olive varieties online at VINELLO - delicious Extra for your enjoyment.