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Cabernet Merlot 2019 - Philibert du Charme Cabernet Merlot 2019 - Philibert du Charme
Red wine dry France Languedoc-Roussillon (FR)
Chardonnay 2021 - Philibert du Charme Chardonnay 2021 - Philibert du Charme
White wine dry France Languedoc-Roussillon (FR)

Philibert du Charme from Languedoc

The Philibert du Charme wines are a line of the Badet Clément wine house from Burgundy. Originally, the company was also active there, but today it has expanded its business to the Rhône Valley, Provence and Languedoc. The wines of Philibert du Charme also come from this region (Pays d'Oc).

Philibert du Charme - Viticulture between mountains...

Overview of Badet Clément

Badet Clément was founded in 1995 by Laurent and Catherine Delaunay. Today, the company's headquarters are still located in Burgundy, more precisely in Nuits-Saint-Georges. In addition, there is a winery and a cellar in Marseillette near Carcassonne, another winery in Aude, a cellar in Monze in Corbières, and some more stations in Languedoc and Burgundy. Today, Badet Clément sells 16 million bottles of wine a year, a third of which are sold in France and the rest is exported to 55 countries. Today, 8 oenologists take care of new developments and maintaining Badet Clément's high standards.

The Philibert du Charme production area

The Languedoc, home of Philibert du Charme wines, is the largest wine-growing region in France. By comparison, all the wine-growing regions of Germany put together are just a third as large as the vineyards in the Languedoc. Viticulture here is mainly practiced on the coast, which stretches for 240 km along the Mediterranean Sea. Viticulture probably goes back to the Romans, at least they are the first to prove the cultivation of grapes.

...and the sea

The terroir in the Languedoc is very diverse. Common to all are relatively poor soils, combined with a hot climate. Winds from the sea cool down the vineyards a bit, so there are wonderful conditions for viticulture, which besides the olive groves here almost exclusively represents agriculture, as wine is one of the few crops that can withstand the few, heavy rainfalls.

Pays d'Oc wines are among the best-known country wines in France, which in recent years has earned them IGP (Indication géographique protégée) status - the protected designation of origin. This area is almost congruent with the Languedoc. Philibert du Charme wines are IGP certified. 

More information about Philibert du Charme

Company Name:Badet Clément
Street:10, rue Lavoisier
City:21700 Nuits-Saint-Georges
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:+33 3 80 61 46 31