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Quercegobbe Toscana IGT 1,5 l Magnum - Petra
Blackberry, Sour cherry, Prune, Currant jelly and Vanilla
  • Dieser Rotwein aus besten Trauben ergänzt vorzüglich Gerichte wie Roten Zwiebeln gefüllt mit Couscous und Aprikosen oder Gänsebrust mit Ingwer-Rotkohl und Majoran
  • Seine Herkunft aus der Toskana macht diesen Wein zu einem typischen Vertreter der Weine aus einem Warmklima-Anbaugebiet
  • Ein kraftvoller Rotwein, ausgezeichnet zur Familienfeier

Quercegobbe Toscana IGT 1,5 l Magnum - Petra

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Quercegobbe Toscana IGT 1,5 l Magnum - Petra
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More information about Quercegobbe Toscana IGT 1,5 l Magnum - Petra

The Petra Quercegobbe Toscana 1.5 l Magnum is a first-class red wine in a glass. It presents a wonderfully dense, purple-red color. If you hold the glass at a slight angle, you can see a transition of the wine's color towards garnet red at the edges of this barrel-aged wine. When swirling the wine glass, this red wine reveals a high viscosity, which can be seen in the clear stained glass windows at the edge of the glass. In the glass, this red wine from Petra offers aromas of raisins, blueberries, fruit loaf, plum must and mulberries, complemented by black tea, gingerbread spice and oriental spices. On the palate, the Quercegobbe Toscana 1.5 l Magnum from Petra starts off wonderfully dry, grippy and aromatic. This melting, velvety and dense red wine is full-bodied and multi-layered on the palate. The Quercegobbe Toscana 1.5 l Magnum is fantastically fresh and lively on the palate thanks to its present fruit acidity. On the finish, this red wine from the Tuscany wine-growing region impresses with its remarkable length. Once again, there are hints of plum and plum jam. In the finish, mineral notes from the clay and limestone-dominated soils are added.

Vinification of the Quercegobbe Toscana 1.5 l Magnum from Petra

The basis for the powerful Quercegobbe Toscana 1.5 l Magnum from Tuscany are grapes from the Merlot grape variety. In Tuscany, the vines that produce the grapes for this wine grow on soils of sand, limestone, clay and marl. Of course, the Quercegobbe Toscana 1.5 l Magnum is also determined by more than just the Toscana IGT soil. This Italian wine can literally be described as an Old World wine, which is extraordinarily complex. The ripening of the grapes for this Merlot wine is influenced to a considerable extent by the climate of the growing region. In Tuscany, the grapes thrive in a warm climate, which is reflected, among other things, in particularly well-ripened grapes and a rather high must weight. The grapes for this red wine from Italy are harvested exclusively by hand when they are perfectly ripe. After being harvested by hand, the grapes are quickly transported to the winery. Here they are selected and carefully crushed. This is followed by fermentation in large oak barrels at controlled temperatures. At the end of this process, the Quercegobbe Toscana 1.5 l Magnum is aged for 36 months in oak barrels. The ageing in wooden barrels is followed by a long period of maturation in the bottle, which makes this red wine even more complex.

Recommendation for Petra Quercegobbe Toscana 1.5 l Magnum

This red wine from Italy is best enjoyed at a temperature of 15 - 18°C. It is the perfect accompaniment to red onions stuffed with couscous and apricots, veal steak with beans and tomatoes or rocket penne



Product type:
Type of Wine:
Red wine
Wine Color:
Occasion and theme:
family event , gift for good friends , gift for customers , Easter , romantic dinner
Wine acidity in g/l:
Cultivation area:
Tuscany (IT)
Toscana IGT (IT)
Grape Variety:
large wood
Finishing details:
Half piece barrel 600 l , bottle-aged
Maturation time in mon.:
Quality Classification & Rating:
IGT Indicazione Geografica Tipica
Soils & Special layers:
Lime , Sand , clay , marl
Harvesting method:
Blackberry , Sour cherry , Prune , Currant jelly , Vanilla
Mouthfeel/ Texture:
melt-in-the-mouth , velvety , dense
Reverberation / Finish:
Old World , Warm Climate Winegrowing Region , complex
Optimal serving temperature in °C:
15 - 18
Food Pairing:
dark food , spicy food
Suitable wine glas:
Bordeaux glass
Bottle size in l:
1,5 Magnum
Bottle Design & Features:
Bordeaux Style , classic
storage capacity in years from the vintage year:
Alcohol % ABV:
Allergens and ingredients:
Contains Sulphites and Sulphur Dioxide
Società Agricola Petra - S. Lorenzo alto 131 - 57028 Suvereto - Italia