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Radebeul Distillery in the Pliniushaus

In Radebeul, not far from Dresden, there is a small distillery where gin, whiskies and noble brandies are produced, purely by hand, in small batches, in the traditional double distillation process, from selected, hand-raised ingredients from the region.

The Helbig couple was inspired by the house and its namesake Pliny the Elder and his work "De Historia Naturalis", by the stories and anecdotes contained therein, some of which are described in detail, especially the story of the Iberian goatherd Amandio in the 5th century of the turn of time.

Owner Henrik Helbig

Pliny the Elder tells us: Amandio, eagerly collected peaches from farmers in quantities that he could not possibly eat himself. Nor was he averse to all sorts of other fruit.  And then, only a month or two at the most later, he sold a thin, unfamiliar-smelling but very invigorating fruit pulp, the 'Amandio Drink'.   For the rest of his life, the villagers were unable to unravel the mystery of his art.

The portfolio of the Radebeul distillery

The passion and love for technology and for exquisite products led the Helbigs to try their hand at the art of distilling with promising results that are sure to delight many connoisseurs to come.

The single malt - classic whisky

The portfolio of the Radebeul distillery today includes gin, whisky and various fine spirits. For example, schnapps is produced from the following types of fruit:

  • Red Prince Apple
  • Pear Conference
  • Pear Abate Fetel
  • Raspberry
  • Apricot

Gin aged in a barrel - a speciality of the house

Cask ageing is common

Whisky offers the high quality classic single malt. Gin is distilled in different variations. Dry gin, of course, is a must. But also a Sloe Gin, a gin-based liqueur, is available in the assortment. In addition, there is a special barrel-aged gin with a wonderful caramel colour. The barrel ageing in French or German oak is a typical craft feature of the Radebeul distillery. The German oak is reserved for the single malt, while the French counterparts are used to refine the Old Apple and the barrel-aged gin.

You too can try the high-quality spirits from Vinello's home region - the Elbe Valley!

More information about Radebeuler Destille

Company Name:Radebeul distillery
Street:August-Bebel-Str. 51
City:01445 Radebeul
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:+49 351 8882 9763
Company Owner:Henrik Helbig
Managing Director:Sylvi Helbig