Lagrein Wine

The ancient red grape variety Lagrein is indigenous to the breath-taking South Tyrol region. Exquisit red wines and fascinating rosé wines are produced from this rare grape variety (it is only cultivated on an area of approximately 500 hectares). If you have the opportunity to taste a Lagrein wine, you shouldn’t pass up the chance to experience this luxurious nectar.

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Lagrein: The Model Italian Grape Variety

Closely related to the Italian grape varieties Teroledgo and Marzemino, as well as the French Shiraz, the Lagrein grape variety has become very popular with wine connoisseurs around the world. Lagrein vines were first documented in the 16th Century, however experts believe that this precious grape had been cultivated for many centuries before. This red grape variety is cultivated primarily in the winegrowing regions surrounding Bolzano, although it is also grown to a lesser extent in Australia, California and the Palatinate in Germany.


Lagrein Wine - Oak Cask Maturation for Luxurious Notes

Above all, wine connoisseurs appreciate the high acidity and rich tannin wine that the Lagrein grape produces. These dark, full-bodied, almost heavy wines develop notes of dark stone fruits such as plums. A certain mineral concentration is a harmonious complement to the bouquet of Lagrein wines. If the concentration is very pronounced, Lagrein wines may exhibit an astringent quality, which is, however, positively countered by a long maturation period in the cask. The process takes place gradually over a maturation period of 18 months or more.

Mediterranean type climates are well-suited to the cultivation of the Lagrein grapes. Loam-rich soil has an especially positive influence on the vines. These climatic conditions allow Lagrein wines to bring forth distinctive notes of cherry, berries and summer blossoms, e.g. violets. Lagrein wines are particularly enjoyable when paired with game dishes or mature hard cheeses.