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Red wine Red wine
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Italy Italy
Sicily (IT) Sicily
Roccaperciata Inzolia Chardonnay Sicilia IGT - Roccaperciata
White wine White wine
dry dry
Italy Italy
Sicily (IT) Sicily
Grillo Sicilia IGT - Roccaperciata
White wine White wine
dry dry
Italy Italy
Sicily (IT) Sicily
Roccaperciata Nero d'Avola Sicilia IGT - Roccaperciata
Red wine Red wine
dry dry
Italy Italy
Sicily (IT) Sicily

The winery Roccaperciata focuses on traditional production and uses only grapes of very high quality. 

Roccaperciata Winery - Wines with temperament 

The purchase of grapes from other wineries, for example, is consistently avoided. Only the own yield of the carefully cultivated vineyards is used  and processed further. This is how the Roccaperciat awinery from Sicily manages to produce wines of the highest quality, vintage after vintage. Part of Roccaperciata 's corporate philosophy is to do without a high production volume and to focus on quality and sustainability instead. And this, of course, also has an effect on the taste. The Sicilian wine of this winery is not a mass product, but a top wine with which one supports the region.

Roccaperciata Vines

Sophisticated red wines with a good reputation from Roccaperciata

Winemaking has always been an art in Mediterranean Italy and many regions have planted their vineyards very selectively and cultivated them for centuries. This is also the case in Sicily. Roccaperciata proves itself in particular with a wide range of sophisticated red wines. The grape varieties, planted and cultivated with great care, return the favor and provide the basis for a fruity wine with a lot of volume. Thus, the Roccaperciata winery, which is part of the Firriato Group, also manages to create spirited taste compositions from its harvest, which enjoy a good reputation in the region as well as among wine connoisseurs from all over the world. The winery has never wavered from classic processing methods and working with the available harvest from its own cultivation, thus guaranteeing continuous quality.

Roccaperciata viticulture

See you at the wine tasting

The people of Sicily are said to have a very good sense of enjoyment, as well as a certain temperament. If you enjoy a good bottle from the Roccaperciata range, you can easily recognise both. The winemakers bring out temperament and a fruity, full-bodied pleasure in their taste compositions. The wines from traditional production are representative for the wines produced in the region and at the same time have a very special quality. This ensures that Roccaperciata products can also be found at many wine tastings. While people in the region appreciate them, on an international level the wine allows wine lovers all over the world to take a culinary trip to beautiful Italy.

And these are the grape varieties grown at Roccaperciata 

  • Inzolia
  • Chardonnay
  • Grillo
  • Nero d'Avola

More information about Roccaperciata

Company Name:Roccaperciata
Street:Via Trapani 4
City:91027 Paceco
Contact & Web
E-mail:[email protected]
Telephone:(39) 0923 882755
Fax:(39) 0923 1982100
Company Group:Firriato Winery