French Rosé Wine - Holiday for wine drinkers

Rosé wine from France is nothing special anymore - but is simply special. It is not a summer wine, no aperitif, no wine for special occasions. Rosé wine is a full member of the wines from France. If not more. From Provence to the Loire, the French enjoy the fresh character of rosé wines - at any time of the day or year. Sometimes with ice cubes, sometimes as cuvée, one way or another - rosé wine is casual, open to everyone and simply delicious. Take a holiday with white and red wine and treat yourself to a sip of French lightness.

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French rosé from early to late

Hardly any other country is as connected with rosé as la Grande Nation. As the largest producer, importer and consumer, the pink to salmon-coloured wine is at the top of the wish list, especially for the French. And if the legends about French viticulture and cuisine are true, what remains to be said? French rosé wine simply has to be good. And what rosé is all about is best known by those who enjoy it every day. Traditionally vinified with great care, every French rosé wine bears witness to the terroir of France and the noble grape varieties of the country. Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache, Gamay, Mourvèdre and Tannat, to name but a few, give the French rosé an abundance of aromas, accents and flavours. Notes of ripe strawberries, cherries, berries, noble roses and herbs as well as tangy citrus fruits find high approval. Elegantly structured bodies and a pleasant acidity complete this rosé wine from all over France. Interested? Then browse through our fine selection from the most renowned growing regions reserved for rosé wines.

French rosé from top to bottom

Provence is undoubtedly the centre of rosé wine. Syrah, Mourvèdre and Grenache thrive between lavender and the Mediterranean Sea, on calcareous soils and under the warm sun, filling up with energy that is completely transferred to the refreshing and aromatic rosé wine. No wonder that Provence is considered by the French to be the most popular holiday destination, as it is a great place to experience flavours. But the vineyards on the slopes of the Loire and Rhône also play a major role in the popularity of French rosé wines. Especially the Tavel of the Rhône is considered by connoisseurs as an absolute rosé pleasure. And also the Languedoc, the Gascogne and Bordeaux have long since jumped on the bandwagon. No matter in which corner one travels, one celebrates everywhere with rose-coloured glasses.

French rosé from front to back

Rosé wine from France is just as varied as the red and white wines from our revered neighbourhood. Liquid pink drinking pleasure comes here in dry, semi-dry, sweet and sometimes pearly in the glass. Seductive fruity aromas announce the full-bodied and juicy taste, while the refreshing acidity surrounds the palate. In France, the smooth structure often presents itself in light red tones, which result from the Saignée process, also called juice extraction. The animating colouring alone makes you want a chilled glass of French rosé wine. Discover the variety in which the lust for life expresses itself. Rosé wine from France at VINELLO - c'est la vie rose!

Our VINELLO recommendation

Horgelus Rosé Côtes de Gascogne IGP - Domaine Horgelus

Fresh, youthful and accessible - the salmon pink Horgelus Rosé Côtes de Gascogne enchants with an elegant combination of Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Tannat. The rich bouquet pampers the nose with distinctive wild berries, citrus fruits and blackcurrant. Juicy aromas that accompany the way to the fresh finish. An all around uncomplicated pleasure from the Domaine Horgelus, ideal for grilling and for all kinds of occasions, which attach great importance to an informal atmosphere. For illustrious celebrations we offer you the Horgelus Rosé in a generous and inexpensive wine package, so that the rosé can run in abundance.

French rosé wine buy cheap online

Treat yourself to a light-hearted drop of French rosé wine and experience a carefree party mood in a pink dress. Directly from the country with the highest consumption of rosé, we were able to save a few bottles for you. Order your rosé wines from France online and use our insured and climate-neutral delivery. Greet the postman friendly, open the package, put the rosé wine in a cool place and after a few hours the holiday can begin. Legs high, bottle open, take a sip, grin over both ears - that's rosé from France, that's rosé from VINELLO. Buy French rosé wine cheap and enjoy it.